Outdoor Signage Maintenance and Tips


Why your storefront signage is important

Not all storefronts are built the same. You have to play the hand you’re dealt. It’s best to make the most of those the storefront allotments.


What is a Call-to-Action? What is its purpose in signage.

If you could only get the customer to do one thing, the little message you would give the customer to do said one thing would be the Call-to-Action.


Winterizing Signage

Until the United Federation Planets comes up with weather modification nets that allow for us to have great weather 365/24/7, below is a short quick list of tips to help Winterize your signage for the upcoming harsher weather seasons.


What kind of light sources should I use for my healthcare industry signage?

When it comes to large outdoor signs, you can sometimes go with fluorescent bulbs, but two other choices are neon and LED (light emitting diode) light sources.


How do I create a lit sign for my healthcare facility?

How can you make sure your carefully branded signage is just as visible at night as it is during the day? Two popular options are push-through letters and internally illuminated channel letters. Let’s take a closer look at each.


What are the best fabrication methods for producing healthcare industry signage?

Healthcare industry signage tends to focus on branding and wayfinding, so we at Landmark Sign Group advise keeping it simple and distraction-free.


What types of signs work best for healthcare facilities?

You have a lot of options, and Landmark Sign Group has the expertise to help you design and place the perfect sign, no matter where you’re located, and no matter what zoning restrictions you face. Let’s look at some of the more popular options for he


What are the best materials for healthcare industry signage?

Choosing the right materials for your signage is as critical for getting your brand noticed as choosing the right location for your signs. The right materials can also keep your facilities looking brand new for years to come, with little to no regular ma


Matching Signage to Your Customers' Visual Acuity

Here’s a question: do you know what the average visual acuity of your target market is? It sounds like an inane question since bigger is better, but not so much when cost is factored in.


Winter Signage Inspections, Again

Sometimes, making sure your signage is in the situation to connections in the Winter requires a little TLC. For what you get in return, it’s a love that can last a lifetime.


Outdoor signage message and visibility tips

For those of us who have to make due with a little less space than the endless horizon, here’s a few tips on getting the right message for your signage.


Digital Signage Market Predictions - 2016 & 2017

The latest market projects would suggest that the Digital Signage trend is only beginning to blossom. According to MarketsandMarkets, the Digital Signage market will be worth $13.2 billion dollars. In 2017, that number jumps to $13.8 billion.


The shelf ice has broken on Lake Michigan. It’s time for Spring Cleaning on your outdoor signage.

Now is the time to start performing an inspection on your outdoor signage as well as plan a maintenance appointment to make sure your signage is ready for the upcoming season.


If your outdoor signage is embarrassing to you...

Our businesses need to do the same thing. We need to look our best to have a chance to get the most out of our day. For our customers, it starts with our signage.


Should you put social media on outdoor signage?

Such a question doesn’t have a definitive “yes” or “no” answer. There are many determining factors that go into whether or not to plop the icons on your signage. For us, at this time, we do not have the icons on our outdoor signage - yet. Not sa


Following Strack & Van Til’s LEED in using energy-efficient outdoor signage

Everyday the voice grows stronger for products and services that are green, organic, and eco-friendly. Strack and Van Til Food Market continues to make strides to not only fill market needs, but to also be a leader when it co


It’s hard to LEED without LED

When it comes to outdoor signage for LEED Certification, we know the steps it takes to get your location signage LEED-certified. As noted in our recent post outlining Strack & Van Til’s LEED-certified location, we provided LED outdoor signage.


How to deal with ordinance and franchise changes for outdoor signage

From our experience, May is usually the time of year where we get the most requests from clients and prospects to alter their existing outdoor signage because either their local signage ordinances or their business franchise rules have changed.


The age of 16mm Full Color LED Display Signs

With the introduction of 16mm Color LED signage, it feels as though we’re now becoming television producers because of all the video animation that becomes available to our clients.


What is the best height for outdoor signage

When it comes to outdoor signage, the rule of thumb is that “shorter is better.” It’s hard to be memorable if someone has trouble remembering what the sign said. Keeping a short catchy message will make it easier for folks to read. Phone numbers can


How to turn outdoor signage into sustainable, green signs

Once the trendiness of the terms wears off, the intention of green signs is simply astonishing. Effective, efficient, reusable and sustainable, green signs provides businesses the opportunity to be save a few more pennies in their pocket, reduce


What is LEED Certification? Is it part of the Green thing?

LEED Certification can feel that way for those who spent more time working on their business than they were reducing their carbon footprint. But, fear not, we got you covered.


The best outdoor signage of 2014...so far

Not every sign has the potential for significant impact. Not that the signs aren’t any good, but once in awhile someone comes up with signage so memorable that it’s worth the tip of the hat and a few moments worth of study.


Subtle ways to use outdoor entertainment signage

Not every business is nestled in a noticeable, easy-to-get-to location.


The simple elegance of routed & sandblasted signs

Sometimes keeping to traditions pays the best homage to one’s brand. For those businesses, a routed & sandblasted sign can be the best use of outdoor signage space.


LED outdoor signage maintenance contract questions

Like with everything of value we care about, keeping something running like new takes a little tender loving care. It’s the reason we offer the opportunity for maintenance contracts for most every sign we make.


Falling into Autumn Maintenance

Keeping the outdoor signage clean is imperative to keeping its longevity during such seasons of change.


Aligning with the Signs of the Seasons

Beautifying, enhancing, and maintaining signage is as structured. For all the schematics, experience, and rules of thumb, sometimes the best thing do is to, instead, look at a weather map and align your signage maintenance with the signs of the season.


Signage Enhancements Worth Squeezing into a Q4 Budget

While most of us put away the shorts and pull out the sweaters, we would like to point out a few additional aspects of outdoor signage that you should take a second look at. You know, before it starts sounding too cold outside for man or beast.


A tacit reminder to be tactful with outdoor signage messages

Sometimes it’s best not to touch a stove when it’s hot. Avoiding referencing a scare all together and, instead, showing general, borderline-generic support can be the calming influence that can help a community.


Communicate with the community using your outdoor signage

We have a few ideas to help promote community engagement and positive response with your outdoor signage. If you try them out, please let us know how it goes.


Making sure your outdoor signs light up the autumn nights

Before mother nature starts going to bed before dinner time, consider the following ideas to make sure you leave for your clients.


Planning outdoor signage messages for the Holiday season...now

Not that we want to, but if we can’t beat our competition by avoiding the Holiday Season, we might as well beat them by performing during it. And we might as well start (wait for it)...now.


Winterizing outdoor signage - 2014-2015 edition

When it comes to winter visibility, we have a few tips to get your outdoor signage ready.


Font Choices for Outdoor Signage

For some, this decision is already made - especially if the store is a franchise. But for those who get to determine their branding and sign message, font selection becomes paramount. When it comes to outdoor signage, the font is the cadence. It sets the


The psychology of outdoor sign colors

Studies have shown that color does indeed make a difference in our lives. From the lightning in a retail store to a specific type of white in a hospital, the shade and hues in the colors we pick have a profound impact on moods, emotions, and decisions.


Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays: What Signage Message Should We Use?

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years as to what the proper, politically correct message should be. One so agreeable and yet effective that it appeals to everyone. But, how to know?


How to track outdoor signage leads and sales?

The good news is that there are a few ways to track the performance of your sign. Now, every business’s buying cycle varies, but the few following techniques below will help provide more insight into your outdoor signage messaging.


Holiday messages for non-retail signage

Well, there’s nothing saying retail businesses should be the only ones who have the fun. Here are a few ways those non-retail business can get in on the holiday signage cheer.


How long after the holiday season can I leave up Holiday Messages?

On December 26, the shopping season continues to be in full swing with returns and sales. The shopping craze continues all the way to New Years. But, what then? People get back to work. Shopping sales fade away to make way for the new year. Some of the Ho


Low-cost alternative outdoor signage materials

As much as we would all love to go for the rich-feeling materials of raw materials such as wood and stone, sometimes it just makes more cost-effective sense to go with the alternative. Below is a list of common alternative materials that are used as effec


Cost-effective retrofitting LED outdoor solutions - including governemnt rebates

Where there’s a will there’s a way when it comes to cost-effective innovations such as LED Outdoor signage.


How LED lighting reduces outdoor signage electric bill & energy consumption

LED Lights have an incredible impact on both your electric bill and your carbon footprint. So much so, in fact, that the Federal government made it a law.


Tips to Expediting the Signage Permit Process for your locations

If you’re on this page, you’re at the point where you’re conducting research on what permits you’re going to need to own and install your new business sign. Here are a few business sign permit tips to help you out:


First steps with client in our outdoor signage process

We?ll get you headed in the right direction and on your way to getting you the much-deserved outdoor signage.


Turnaround times on outdoor signage

Let?s start by making sure we don?t bury the lead: Landmark Sign Group is one of the fastest in the industry given the custom nature of the projects. We even have an ?on time or on us? guarantee.


Design a logo with outdoor signage and other branding elements in mind

If done right, your logo components will have incredible synergy, but also be equally-as-iconic on their own. Such power allows for seemingly endless branding and advertising possibilities.


Outdoor Signage Message Goals: Summer 2015 Edition

The following are a few tips to make sure the signs are shining in the summertime when potential customers are rolling by.


Common outdoor signage message themes used year-round

What we have a tendency to forget to do is to point out the fact that there are common themes amongst the tips, tricks, and tactics used in each season to garner these worthwhile techniques.


Outdoor Signage Summer Maintenance - 2015 edition

Remember to check the following locations in the next couple months to make sure one of the most punishing summers on records didn?t leave an irreparable mark on your signage.

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