What is the purpose of signage?

Going back to our roots, we had another incredible, thought-provoking question pop up:

"What is the purpose of Signage?"
Wow. Take deep breaths. Channel your inner-philosopher. Crank out thoughts.

There are numerous types of signage spread throughout even more markets. They're diverse, intricate, and range in scope and purpose. That said, all types of signage usually have one fundamental purpose broken into three steps:

  1. Communication: Identify the intended targets and relay the specific message.
  2. Conversion: Get the intended target to perform a specific action.
  3. Completion: The intended target does a desired thing, creating penultimate, positive value for the sign.

These steps can be found woven through several types of ways signage is used to communicate:

  • Advertising: "Buy Now," "Open 24 Hours," "Best Burgers in Town." Sometimes it's branding. Sometimes it's to push a promotion or product service. Sometimes it's a simple CTA (Call to Action).
  • Identification: Typically, they're destination or wayfinding signs. Other classics include the simple logo, storefront sign with the company name, a classic restaurant sign…
  • Regulation: "You must be this tall to ride the roller coaster," "Danger." "Must show ID," "Must be 21 to enter,"…
  • Safety & Health: "Emergency exit," "In case of Emergency," "Tsunami evacuation route,"…
  • Directional / Wayfinding: "Do Not Enter," "Turn Left," "Cow Crossing." Traffic signs, hospital / mall / office directional signs…

Now. What's the purpose of your sign?

Once we determine the purpose of your sign, the design process begins itself. From there, we come closer to making your sign a reality. We create your message, be it a logo or a Call-to-Action or incredible marquee message boards. We design it. Build it. Install it. And attract your intended audience with it.

It's our purpose.