Healthcare Signage


What kind of light sources should I use for my healthcare industry signage?

When it comes to large outdoor signs, you can sometimes go with fluorescent bulbs, but two other choices are neon and LED (light emitting diode) light sources.


How do I create a lit sign for my healthcare facility?

How can you make sure your carefully branded signage is just as visible at night as it is during the day? Two popular options are push-through letters and internally illuminated channel letters. Let’s take a closer look at each.


What are the best fabrication methods for producing healthcare industry signage?

Healthcare industry signage tends to focus on branding and wayfinding, so we at Landmark Sign Group advise keeping it simple and distraction-free.


Why does color matter in healthcare signage?

When we’re getting dressed for an important event, we all know that good color combinations make a huge difference in how we look and how we’re “read” by others. Did you also know that color combinations affect the readability of your signage?


What types of signs work best for healthcare facilities?

You have a lot of options, and Landmark Sign Group has the expertise to help you design and place the perfect sign, no matter where you’re located, and no matter what zoning restrictions you face. Let’s look at some of the more popular options for he


What are the best materials for healthcare industry signage?

Choosing the right materials for your signage is as critical for getting your brand noticed as choosing the right location for your signs. The right materials can also keep your facilities looking brand new for years to come, with little to no regular ma


What styles work best for healthcare industry signage?

You want your patients, their families and friends, and prospective employees and investors to associate your facility with all things modern and cutting edge, while still giving a warm and inviting feel. Healthcare signage also has a lot of work to do w


Wayfinding and healthcare

What’s wayfinding and why does it matter for healthcare facilities? Wayfinding signage is all around you, from bright green highway signs telling you which exit is which, to wall mounted signs in a building lobby telling you what floor and room to find


Branding: how do I create signage for healthcare?

Now that you’ve developed the perfect logo for your healthcare facility, what do you do with it? With Landmark Sign Group in your corner, you can do anything you want, but we’ve got the expertise to guide you in creating and placing signage so your h


A tacit reminder to be tactful with outdoor signage messages

Sometimes it’s best not to touch a stove when it’s hot. Avoiding referencing a scare all together and, instead, showing general, borderline-generic support can be the calming influence that can help a community.


Including ADA Compliant Components into your outdoor signs

While several of our projects have a tendency to fall out of the ADA Act, this doesn?t mean we?re not conscious or inconsiderate of the ADA. Our biggest concern for our clients is to get them the best overall value for the money. For their customers,


What is the best lighting for all Outdoor Signs?

It really isn?t so much, ?the best materials for outdoor signs,? so much as ?the best materials for your outdoor sign.? The difference between the two phrases truly is all the difference.


Healthcare Signage for Visitors who helped the patient check in

Sometimes, all it takes is an extra sign here or there to show the way.


Healthcare Sigange for visitors who did NOT help the patient check-in

Simple explanatory signage is essential to go customer experiences. This includes the patient's friends and family.

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