How do I create a lit sign for my healthcare facility?

Healthcare facilities are very much a light in the dark for patients and their loved ones. You’ve gone to great lengths to craft a logo, chosen great colors, and picked the best materials for your project. How can you make sure your carefully branded signage is just as visible at night as it is during the day? Two popular options are push-through letters and internally illuminated channel letters. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Push-through letters: Stand out from the crowd

Push through letters are created in three steps. First, the shape of each letter is cut out of whatever material you want for the face of your signage, leaving a hole. Next, the same shape is cut of another material that is translucent. This second shape is slightly smaller than the hole cut in the first step. Last, the smaller shape is pushed through its corresponding hole in the sign face. Letters may project slightly or be flush with the sign’s face. When lit from behind, push through lettering can be quite dramatic and give a clean and sophisticated look.

Channel lettering: A warm glow

Channel letters are three-dimensional shapes: they have a front, back, and sides. The sides are designed to discreetly hold either a neon or LED light source. Often, each letter is a separate piece, and each has its own light source, which shines out the front of the letter, illuminating whatever material has been used to make the letter’s face.

An alternative version of these individually glowing letters is a reverse channel letter. Reverse channel letters are still individually lit, but they are backed with clear lexan to allow disbursement of light yet keep out water and birds, and are held away from a background surface by pins. When their light source is activated, a warm glow is produced, looking like an individual halo around each letter.

Let Landmark Sign Group light the way!

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