Sign Portfolio By Industry

Restaurant signage not only has to represent the establishment’s ambiance and aesthetics but also the many ways they will satisfy their customers’ palate. This multi-sensual fulfillment is a challenge that makes designing restaurant signs especially unique.

Indoor & Outdoor Restaurant Signage

Restaurant signage is often so much more than just a sign slapped on the wall by the parking lot. Properly-designed signs by experienced professionals take that space and make it an extension of their identity. The signage allows customers to anticipate the sensations to follow the moment the sign comes into view, giving their taste buds a little time to prepare.

From the Marquee to the Menus

Restaurant signage doesn’t end at the outside marquee. When the customers make it inside, the proper signage greets them and lets them know where they should go next. Great restaurant signage should escort them all the way to the seating area.

Something That Makes Them Salivate

The stomach is a powerful weapon in the battle to influence one’s decisions. Let it go without food long enough and it can choose to devour nearly anything. Ancient Greek Society treasured the stomach the same way as Western Society today values the heart. In many ways, the stomach’s value hasn’t changed. Landmark Sign Group knows that restaurants have to appeal to their customers’ stomachs along with the rest of their senses.

Landmark Sign Group knows when restaurant signage appeals to the all the senses, it is because restaurant customers expect them all to be delighted. We delight in helping our clients satisfy their customers’ cravings.