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Custom Neon Signs Chicago

Since 1954, the Neon Sign has been used as a highly effective and creative means of advertising throughout Chicago and Northwest Indiana. With their vibrant, inviting and unique appeal, custom neon signs quickly capture customer's attention with an artful approach - many times, rousing memories of times past.

As Chicago's premier sign company, Landmark Sign Group is proud to remain one of the only sign companies in the Chicago region dedicated to keeping the neon art form alive, while evolving its uniqueness to create original, modern looks that will set your business' signage apart.

Striking, colorful and bright its no wonder these luminous signs create huge customer impact from decade to decade; longevity that is important when deciding on a sign investment. With nearly 100 different color combinations, the sky's the limit when it comes to designing your Neon Sign.

Also economical, the typical life expectancy of a custom Neon Sign is 15-20 years. And, at Landmark Sign Group, we use front and back or reverse halo-illuminated channel letter signs, so the neon offers optimum lighting output with dimming capabilities at a reasonable cost. Unlike LED lighting, neon is able to give off light in a full, 360° effect, thus lighting frontward and backlighting the mounted surface.

From Chicago retail stores, casinos and bar signs, to border tubing, window lighting and even custom-designed signs for family and friends, our leading Northwest Indiana sign company will create the perfect Neon Sign for your needs.

Contact us today and excite your customer's nostalgia with the vibrant punch of a custom Neon Sign from Landmark Sign Group.

Neon Sign Applications

  • Channel letters
  • Open Face Channel Letters
  • Cove Lighting on Signs
  • Interior Design Cove Lighting
  • Art
  • Gifts
  • Window Borders
  • Bar Signs
  • Architectural Border Tubing
  • Casinos
  • Retail