Sign Portfolio By Industry

Religious iconography dates back to the first written records. Symbols were not only a sign of artistic beauty, they also conveyed simple messages of hope. Religions and faith grew faster than the literacy rate, making religious signage all the more important when it came to identifying with seekers.

Nowadays, letting seekers know you are available to them is as simple as the signage. At Landmark Sign Group, we have taken great pride in helping many churches and other like religious institutions create signage that helped get their message out into the world.

Monument Signs

Many of our religious-focused clients like to create unique, distinctive signage. Several of them like to use their symbols as the focal point of their signage. We take their suggestions & requests and create signage that allow these symbols to be displayed prominently.

A Sign of Hope for Many

Religious signage creates a unique message unlike any other niche in which we work. What makes it so unique is that though every client we work with has distinctly different approaches, all of them have the same passion when they work to make the focus of their message about their respective groups.

Getting the Message Out

To help get the message out, we devise a strategy that unifies their signage, from their outdoor signage through to the inner chambers. We help them create an aura of healing & hope. The strategy helps them get the passionate message out to their followers.

A Sign to Gather

To help get the good word out, contact us today. We’ll help prepare your religious signage for the weekend, as well as the other days of the week.