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A place of learning is a place that inspires. The best ones foster creativity, support achievements and instill a sense of purpose in their students. Such an institution not only comes from their faculty and lesson planners, but from their environment. Afterall, who is expected to study in a place where they don't feel either empowered or comfortable?

A Place to Learn and Grow

Educational signage is meant to facilitate inspiration while integrating. Outdoor signage, navigation signage, in-room signage, and the big sign along the wall at half-court at the gym displaying the mascot, all these signs are meant to work together to reinforce an environment based on the institution's philosophical approach.

At Landmark Sign Group, we pride ourselves on being able to emanate a school's intention through their signage, presenting a nurturing yet disciplined environment that instills pride yet suggests an attention to one's responsibilities.

Inviting (to) New Students

A school / institution's signage should not only be confined to those who already are a part of the day-to-day. Institutions are always looking to recruit students. Landmark Sign Group helps institutions makes educational signage that helps recruit prospective students from the moment they drive by the sign through the moment they refer to the desk and throughout the location. We come up with a comprehensive strategy that is both informative and inviting to new recruits, thus increasing the likelihood that the recruit is enrolled the following semester.

More Than Just Classrooms

Educational signage extends beyond the classroom. Offices, libraries, classrooms, gymnasiums, dormitories, all the buildings and facilities can be included in the educational signage plan.

For More Than the Students

Students and faculty are not the only groups who benefit from educational signage. Parents, executives, officials and contributors all walk the hallowed halls. Educational signage has to keep them in mind for without them, there would be no institution.

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