Branding: how do I create signage for healthcare?

Modern signmaking techniques can bring to life just about any image you could imagine, leaving you to focus on what you want your signage to say about your hospital, doctor’s office, immediate care center, or nursing and rehabilitation center. Now that you’ve developed the perfect logo for your healthcare facility, what do you do with it? With Landmark Sign Group in your corner, you can do anything you want, but we’ve got the expertise to guide you in creating and placing signage so your healthcare facilities get noticed.

How can signage help out in healthcare?

Supposedly, “If you build it, they will come,” but not if they don’t know where you are, and not if they think somebody else has more to offer. Who do we mean by “they”? Look at the big picture. Remember, you want your healthcare center to attract far more than just patients. As a hospital or healthcare network, you also want to attract superior doctors, nurses, and staff. You want to attract investors and donors and community leaders. You want insurance companies to take you seriously and be willing to cover your services. Your healthcare facility should bring together people who need help, and the people who live to be helpful and to heal.

Your exterior signage is a vital part of sending the right message about your facility and bringing the right people through your doors. How can your signage help make that happen? Your signage is a vital part of branding, and branding is all about visibility and awareness.

“If you brand it, they will come.”

As with everything else in business, the game is location, location, location! Your signage is a prime opportunity to put your name, your logo, and the essence of your institution out there so the world can see how inviting and modern your facilities are. Put your signage where people can see it, and make sure it’s large enough to be read from afar. For a large facility, or a network of facilities, you will need multiple signs. Remember to keep your signage consistent in design and color scheme. Branding is also about repetition. You want to leave your mark on the public imagination and it takes consistency to make that happen.

Landmark Sign Group has the experience you need!

Landmark Sign Group recently completed a massive rebranding project for Kindred Healthcare. We designed, obtained permit approval, fabricated, and installed signage at 247 locations spread across 35 states, and we did it ahead of schedule and under budget! If you’re just starting out in the healthcare industry, or if you’re ready for a makeover, we have the expertise and experience to support you every step of the way.