LED Outdoor Signage


It’s hard to LEED without LED

When it comes to outdoor signage for LEED Certification, we know the steps it takes to get your location signage LEED-certified. As noted in our recent post outlining Strack & Van Til’s LEED-certified location, we provided LED outdoor signage.


Real Pixel vs Virtual Pixel LED Outdoor Signage - a common sense approach

Want to know more about your LED outdoor sign options before buying? Contact Us Today.


Red / Amber LED Outdoor Signs vs. Blue LED Outdoor Signs: a contrasting decision.

Here’s an example of a question that sounds simple but whose answer is initially more complex than it would first appear


LED Outdoor Signage Terms 101

To help integrate you into LED outdoor signage, below are a few terms you’ll run into along with their meaning:


LED Outdoor Signage Questions - The Beginner's Edition

if you’re still getting used to the whole LED outdoor buying experience, allow us to provide you a few basic questions to get the brain cells stimulated.


Multi-Colored LED Signs vs Monochromatic LED Signs: Two examples.

Though LED monitors are starting to push out the need for standing signs in the same way they replaced the classic “boob tube”, choosing between color and monochromatic (single color) LED signage isn’t as simple as it is with TVs.


A/B Testing on LED Outdoor Signage

Because LED illuminated outdoor signage allows for quick and ease updating, A/B testing can now be in a sign owner’s arsenal.


What is LEED Certification? Is it part of the Green thing?

LEED Certification can feel that way for those who spent more time working on their business than they were reducing their carbon footprint. But, fear not, we got you covered.


Custom LED Illuminated signs

We often get asked, “can you do a custom LED sign?” Our answer, “Our work is as custom as your business is unique...”


A tacit reminder to be tactful with outdoor signage messages

Sometimes it’s best not to touch a stove when it’s hot. Avoiding referencing a scare all together and, instead, showing general, borderline-generic support can be the calming influence that can help a community.


Making sure your outdoor signs light up the autumn nights

Before mother nature starts going to bed before dinner time, consider the following ideas to make sure you leave for your clients.


The psychology of outdoor sign colors

Studies have shown that color does indeed make a difference in our lives. From the lightning in a retail store to a specific type of white in a hospital, the shade and hues in the colors we pick have a profound impact on moods, emotions, and decisions.


How to track outdoor signage leads and sales?

The good news is that there are a few ways to track the performance of your sign. Now, every business’s buying cycle varies, but the few following techniques below will help provide more insight into your outdoor signage messaging.


Fadó Irish Pub signage: reserve channel letters with reverse illuminated LED lights

Fadó Irish Pub’s authentic design and construction came from Ireland. The inspiration came straight from classic Gaelic-era history and origins. When the owners of Fadó Irish Pub went to look for someone to finish the outdoor sign, they came to us.


Cost-effective retrofitting LED outdoor solutions - including governemnt rebates

Where there’s a will there’s a way when it comes to cost-effective innovations such as LED Outdoor signage.


How LED lighting reduces outdoor signage electric bill & energy consumption

LED Lights have an incredible impact on both your electric bill and your carbon footprint. So much so, in fact, that the Federal government made it a law.


“Is there a ratio between the size of the sign and the ability to read it?

A Letter Visibility Chart is a guide that companies use as a guideline to know how big a letter has to be to be seen from a specified distance by those with 20/20 vision.


How to Afford LED Signage on a Small Budget

Fortunately, there are ways to get LED Outdoor Signage into your present future without having to put stretchmarks on shoestring budgets.


Are there times where LED Lighting is not the best lighting for outdoor signage?

After knocking the idea around, we came up with a few scenarios where we wouldn't recommend the use of LED Signs. Probably.


What is the best lighting for all Outdoor Signs?

It really isn?t so much, ?the best materials for outdoor signs,? so much as ?the best materials for your outdoor sign.? The difference between the two phrases truly is all the difference.


Signage maintenance and upkeep scheduling reminders for 2016

While your signage needs to look its best throughout the year, there are times when it will be forced to endure more of the elements.


Should We Turn On Our Signage at Sundown?

Though a step like, "when to turn on our outdoor sign?" can seem tiny, it can be a foundation piece when beginning to build your presence.


Outdoor LED Signage examples from which to draw inspiration

For those thinking about the place, a little signage inspiration to show how your signage can entice your customers that much more.


How to Determine LED Light Bulb Life Expectancy

With a little luck, going through the process above will put you in a position to never again worry about what to do next for your LED outdoor sign.


2016 trends predictions for outdoor signage

It looks as though outdoor signage in 2016 is going to become an even more exciting, integrated experience than what we're already seeing.


How Digital Signage can work with the Internet of Things

Such techniques are already happening today.


How to (hopefully) prevent your Digital Signage from being hacked

If you're reading this, then you're on a digital device that could undergo the same fate.


Proposals, Surprises, and other Digital Signage Content in today's world

Man, this stuff outdoor signage stuff used to be simple. Match the colors, develop innovative design, build custom construction, install it as high as the zoning rights would allow, and attract customers for miles around.


How to test outdoor signage messages before the sign goes up

How to test the messaging right before erecting the signage? Here are a few ways to consider testing your themes before they go above your storefronts.


How LED signs can jumpstart small businesses

Below are a few reasons why we think digital signage, especially LED outdoor signs, have an immediate impact for smaller outfits.


Is LED's Future found in bezel video walls?

All these factors and situations are going from hindrances to unique opportunities now. They're becoming more affordable as well.


LED Digital Signage vs. LED HD TVs for your business signs

LED Digital Signage is specifically designed to do show your brand in the best possible light technology has to offer.


Avoiding Distraction with Digital Outdoor Signage

As technology such as retargeting, geomarketing, and facial-recognition marketing continues, we'll all have to show a little restraint whenever we come up with new, imaginative ways to simulate interactive experiences.


Why Digital Signage Advertising makes sense in retail

No need to screen, print, bleed, cut, and frame up print signs to change and optimize your message.


Digital Signage Retargeting is becoming a reality

We knew we would see the day where retargeting would become a digital signage advertising tactic. We just didn't expect to see it so soon.


5 essential elements of Digital Signage content

If it takes any longer than 3 seconds to digest your message, then it's time to read these first few tips and rework your content.


Our Programmable LED Outdoor Signage work in Chicago & beyond

From corporate and healthcare franchises to local businesses & shops in Chicago and Northwest Indiana, we've stayed on the cutting edge to develop timeless, lasting signs. That edge brought us headlong into programmable outdoor LED Signage.


Advantages of lower-resolution LED (and LCD) signage screens

When you can't go top-of-the-line, the next position often works, too.


VR & Signage heading into 2017

The question for your signage should be: "should we be marketing with VR yet?"


The future of LED Signage in 2017 is nearly 4k bright and getting brighter.

“What is the difference between LED outdoor signs and 4k signs?” The answer?...


The blurring lines between computers, kiosks, and store signs even further in 2017

The latest technological trends in marketing communications are becoming so advanced, that keeping up with the trends is starting to become easier. How so?


Digital Signage gets closer to the Cloud

The technology is becoming more prevalent in the industry.


We've been an electric sign company since the 1980s

To learn how we can electrify your signage, contact us today.


Types of LED Signage, Indoor & Outdoor

We mean completely different implementations, types, and usages of LED technology.


Differences between Indoor and Outdoor LED signs

Here are a few of the many differences between Indoor and Outdoor of LED signs.


Why choose an Outdoor LED Sign for your business

LED technology is elegant, diverse, and can be any part of any types of signs


Why choose Landmark Sign Group for your Chicago-area LED Sign company?

Our three reasons: offer, experience, and examples.


Keys to great LED outdoor sign lighting.

It's more than just the technology that separates LED signs from the pack.


Why choose us for your outdoor digital signage company.

For all our projects including our Digital Outdoor Signs, we offer "On Time or On Us" guarantee.


Converting Neon Signs to LED Lighting

There’s just something noir about a neon sign, but like with all things, times change.

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