Digital Signage gets closer to the Cloud

We often talk about how both indoor and outdoor digital signage is advancing at breakneck speeds. Below is another example of the pace at which our industry's technology is growing.

For those of you who have ever used a Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku or such devices, this will be your, "we were waiting for this," moment: E. Display, Inc. has announced the release of a Signage Droid™ Z5. In a press release, the company described the Signage Droid™ Z5 as:

" an all-in-one plug & play and cost effective digital signage android stick."

How will it work?

Signage Droid™ Z5 is one of the first products that will allow you to use a Bluetooth device to create and control the messaging your smaller, indoor signage and monitors from a computer interface or a mobile app. "Yes," there's now an app for signage. You'll be able to plug it into the HDMI ports on your signage screens, and wirelessly connect to the devices.

The company is also offering a software program and subscription service for the device.

What does this mean?

It means that the technology is becoming more prevalent in the industry. There will probably be more coming along that will create a marketplace. The winner in the space? You and us.

This also means that it will become even simpler to sync and update your indoor and outdoor signage, further blurring the lines between your digital and your outdoor message, allowing for more collaborative digital marketing efforts at affordable prices.

The future continues to greet us with open arms.

For more information on to coordinate and collaborate your indoor and outdoor signage, contact us today. For over 30 years we've been positioning our clients' business signage at the forefront of their customers' needs. We grow as the industry grows, even into this exciting technological future.