Outdoor Signs 101


Font Choices for Outdoor Signage

For some, this decision is already made - especially if the store is a franchise. But for those who get to determine their branding and sign message, font selection becomes paramount. When it comes to outdoor signage, the font is the cadence. It sets the


The psychology of outdoor sign colors

Studies have shown that color does indeed make a difference in our lives. From the lightning in a retail store to a specific type of white in a hospital, the shade and hues in the colors we pick have a profound impact on moods, emotions, and decisions.


Content: The first question to ask in outdoor signage is the last one to answer

Let’s begin with the first question in determining outdoor signage and see if we can make the mountain climb a little more enjoyable.


Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays: What Signage Message Should We Use?

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years as to what the proper, politically correct message should be. One so agreeable and yet effective that it appeals to everyone. But, how to know?


How to track outdoor signage leads and sales?

The good news is that there are a few ways to track the performance of your sign. Now, every business’s buying cycle varies, but the few following techniques below will help provide more insight into your outdoor signage messaging.


Holiday messages for non-retail signage

Well, there’s nothing saying retail businesses should be the only ones who have the fun. Here are a few ways those non-retail business can get in on the holiday signage cheer.


How long after the holiday season can I leave up Holiday Messages?

On December 26, the shopping season continues to be in full swing with returns and sales. The shopping craze continues all the way to New Years. But, what then? People get back to work. Shopping sales fade away to make way for the new year. Some of the Ho


Cost-effective retrofitting LED outdoor solutions - including governemnt rebates

Where there’s a will there’s a way when it comes to cost-effective innovations such as LED Outdoor signage.


How LED lighting reduces outdoor signage electric bill & energy consumption

LED Lights have an incredible impact on both your electric bill and your carbon footprint. So much so, in fact, that the Federal government made it a law.


What file formats are needed to design and build outdoor signage

Nowadays, most every outdoor sign starts with plans that are built on computer. In order to build the richest representation of the outdoor signage before construction, a high-resolution file of the graphics is required


Ways to submit branding asset files to a signage company

There are several ways to provide us copies of your graphical assets (logos). Some ways are preferred, others run the risk of providing less than desired results. Without delay, here’s a few examples.


“Is there a ratio between the size of the sign and the ability to read it?

A Letter Visibility Chart is a guide that companies use as a guideline to know how big a letter has to be to be seen from a specified distance by those with 20/20 vision.


Tips to Expediting the Signage Permit Process for your locations

If you’re on this page, you’re at the point where you’re conducting research on what permits you’re going to need to own and install your new business sign. Here are a few business sign permit tips to help you out:


First steps with client in our outdoor signage process

We?ll get you headed in the right direction and on your way to getting you the much-deserved outdoor signage.


Design a logo with outdoor signage and other branding elements in mind

If done right, your logo components will have incredible synergy, but also be equally-as-iconic on their own. Such power allows for seemingly endless branding and advertising possibilities.


Drafting & sketching: the second step with client in outdoor signage process

This is the step where we take all the information in the first step and begin drafting out the sketches for your outdoor signage.


Can't you just trace or redraw our logo?

We love our clients. Oh, so very much so we do. But from time to time we?re left to wonder whether or not we have a flaw in our process. Why?...


Including ADA Compliant Components into your outdoor signs

While several of our projects have a tendency to fall out of the ADA Act, this doesn?t mean we?re not conscious or inconsiderate of the ADA. Our biggest concern for our clients is to get them the best overall value for the money. For their customers,


Common outdoor signage message themes used year-round

What we have a tendency to forget to do is to point out the fact that there are common themes amongst the tips, tricks, and tactics used in each season to garner these worthwhile techniques.


Outdoor Signage Summer Maintenance - 2015 edition

Remember to check the following locations in the next couple months to make sure one of the most punishing summers on records didn?t leave an irreparable mark on your signage.


Seeing Red in Your Outdoor Signage and Being Okay with it

From Crimson to wine, Scarlet to Chestnut, businesses have not only found that it?s okay to let customers see a little red, but that it?s actually a really, really good idea.


2015 Holiday Season dates to remember for signage messaging

For those store owners who know that the Holiday season is the time of the year when they get back into the black, the following dates need to not only be remembered, but anticipated.


Tips to Scheduling a Sign Installation

Several working parts goes into installing a sign because the installation is not only an event, it?s the end of the culmination of great work put in by several craftsmen from as many different walks of life.


Outdoor Signage Winterization: 2015-2016 Edition

Landmark Sign Group has been offering premium sign winterization services for over 30 years.


Signage maintenance and upkeep scheduling reminders for 2016

While your signage needs to look its best throughout the year, there are times when it will be forced to endure more of the elements.


Should We Turn On Our Signage at Sundown?

Though a step like, "when to turn on our outdoor sign?" can seem tiny, it can be a foundation piece when beginning to build your presence.


Promoting Holiday Specials? Try a Holiday Scavenger Hunt with Your Outdoor and Indoor Signs

The script usually starts with a peppermint-scented stenciled envelope, elegant cursive lettering, and just a few words. "Open Me."


One Last Inspection Before Turning Out the Lights and Going Home for the Holidays

Making sure everything will be good to go when you come back.


You made It Through the Holiday Season. Your Reward, Starting 2016.

When that moment is over, it's time to put your running shoes on because the mad dash they call the 2016 business year has already begun.


Road construction can be the right time for signage

As the casino grew into its new home, the landscape began to change.


2016's CTA Alternatives for Your Outdoor Signs

A few suggestions for those who are either on break or are not quite ready to bust out the new round of offers.


Digital Properties for B2Cs to Promote on Signs in 2016

It's the details that can hurt your reputation in the long run.


2016 trends predictions for outdoor signage

It looks as though outdoor signage in 2016 is going to become an even more exciting, integrated experience than what we're already seeing.


How Digital Signage can work with the Internet of Things

Such techniques are already happening today.


How to (hopefully) prevent your Digital Signage from being hacked

If you're reading this, then you're on a digital device that could undergo the same fate.


How to test outdoor signage messages before the sign goes up

How to test the messaging right before erecting the signage? Here are a few ways to consider testing your themes before they go above your storefronts.


How many revisions are needed before completing a signage project?

How many revisions are needed before completing a signage project? It depends on the process.


5 essential elements of Digital Signage content

If it takes any longer than 3 seconds to digest your message, then it's time to read these first few tips and rework your content.


Three ways the Internet of Things will evolve Healthcare signage

Software applications, interactions, and analytics.


The best metal for outdoor signage...

The best metal for the job is steel. Hands down, it's the best. Unless...


The dangers of political messages in outdoor signs

Be a little cautious of what jokes you put on your signage. Everybody's money spends equally.


Getting signage down to the pixel

We've touched briefly on this site about pixels when discussing LEDs, but they're also crucial in designs.


What is too risqué for Holiday Season messaging

Before you go sharpening the incisors of your signage during this time of peace and joy, remember to pay attention to a few legal details.


How Ikea found messaging magic in a real life situation

They focused on what was important: the child. The end result? A magical moment for an otherwise sad child.


VR & Signage heading into 2017

The question for your signage should be: "should we be marketing with VR yet?"


Happy New Years - Signage Trends entering 2017

From innovations in the signage industry to keeping up with the changes in culture, we're still working to catch up.


Sometimes it's best to go for the timeless look

Once in a while, you have set all the rules to mute and go with what works for your company.


How much trouble can you get into for not having signage permits?

"Are these signage permits really necessary? I mean, what's the worst that happens?"


How long should our marquee messages be?

"How long should our marquee messages be?"

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