How to track outdoor signage leads and sales?

It’s one thing to put up creative messages on outdoor signs. It’s another thing to know whether or not they had a positive impact on your business.

The good news is that there are a few ways to track the performance of your sign. Now, every business’s buying cycle varies, but the few following techniques below will help provide more insight into your outdoor signage messaging.

Coupon Code

Sticking a coupon code specific to the sign that is good for a discount or special is an effective way to track the messaging. Every time a customer uses the specific code when making a purchase or agreement, the business will know that the sale came from the sign's influence.

A unique phone number

If a business isn’t into codes, tracking with a unique phone number on the sign is another good way to track leads. The number should be unique from the ones in phone books, on websites, and business materials. For example, using the local number here would work.

A specific web address

Using a web address specific for the sign is another great way to track the website. For example, using a web address that redirects to the main company website: mywebsite.com =>> companywebsite.com. This can be tracked with website analytics software (Google Analytics is free). The trick is to make sure the sign address is set so it doesn’t appear in search engines. Otherwise, wherever it appears is a direct result of the branding impact of the web address.

A specific slogan or offer

Leaving an offer that says, “tell us you saw the sign and we’ll give you 5% off,” or something of the will be able to provide trend data to the impact of the message.”


They can feel time-consuming and disruptive to the buying cycle, but asking walk-ins, phone calls, and web visitors who they discovered your company works as well. Making sure the sign is an option on the survey is imperative.

Whatever works for you

Each business knows what’s best for them, but if you have any questions on how to implement the tracking, contact us today.