How Ikea found messaging magic in a real life situation

Pending on whom you talked to, there used to be unwritten rules on whom you directly messaged to with ads:

  • politics
  • religion
  • marital issues

In attempts to be delicate, these situations typically could get any company off-message and into off-topic discussions. Such topics typically stay reserved for non-profits and divorce lawyers.

Like we said, "used to be unwritten rules..."

Enter: Ikea. Near Q4 2016, Ikea released a video ad titled, "Where Life Happens." In it, they feature a now-split couple during a pick-up session for their child. They don't get into the nature of the relationship because, presumably, they knew to separate what from what. They focused on what was important: the child.

The end result? A magical moment for an otherwise sad child.

The end result for Ikea? Praise for sensitivity and for finding magic

In the end, they found the beauty in the situation which, in essence, is art. And they got heralded for it. Here are but a few of the articles that praised Ikea for their "Where Life Happens" ads.


And because they focused on the child, they targeted both the most important element in the situation as well as the focus of most marketing campaigns. A dose of brilliance.

End the end, you can find the magic in just about anything

And, in the magic, you'll find the messaging.

Besides, who knows what's taboo anymore.

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