5 essential elements of Digital Signage content

Hooray! You just got your digital sign. Or second...Either way, you're ready to set your marketplace ablaze with the incredible things you have to say. You're ready to go! Or, are you?

If your digital signage content looks anything like the grocery inserts in (what's left of the) Sunday morning paper, or if it takes any longer than 3 seconds to fully digest what your business is trying to convey, then it's time to read these first few tips and rework your content.

1) A Call-to-Action (CTA) on every screen

We absolutely love Call-to-Actions. They are the linchpin to great messaging. We would go so far as to say they're the only constant across marketing mediums. The reason we harp on CTAs importance is because it is literally the message you are trying to get across:

  • Call a phone number; (by the way, ours is 1.877-762-9577)
  • Take advantage of free specials (like, for example, our free initial consultation)
  • LIke us on Facebook (by the way...)
  • Park in the back...

2) Contrast with the background

Back to color theory 101: if the background behind your signage is concrete, having pieces of content that are primarily milky or gray will bleed into the background.

Make sure the pieces are going to stick out from its surrounding. This way, it will make it easier for them to see.

3) Don't write too many words on the text or no one will be able to read it as they're driving by, walking by, walking up, or going about their everyday. I mean, who's reading the title to this point...

4) Less is more

Even if your marquee is bigger than the screens at Cowboy Stadium, there's still only so much you can put in it before it overwhelms the customers. Remember, if you prioritize many things in a piece of content, then their importance will all negate each other and nothing will be considered important.

You'll only have a few seconds to get a point across, you don't want to try to get them to pay attention to more than one or two things, everything else should support the primary message which should be, you guessed it, the Call-to-Action.

5) Timing is everything. Seriously.

Digital signs are great because you can have multiple pieces of content that you can share with customers. You want to get folks to see the pieces, but now the, "only so much time to get and hold the audience's attention," becomes a little more complex because if you lose them on the first sign, you won't get to show them the other signs. Luckily, our experience has shown that if you've done your work to this point, and have worked your pieces to display 1 Call-to-Action per piece, then if you run each piece about 5-7 seconds, you should be able to keep the audience in a good rhythm, and successfully display multiple pieces of content.

We hope this helps

Contact us today for more advice on how to get the right message on your signs, and how to pick the right signs for your business. It's what we do.