Cost-effective retrofitting LED outdoor solutions - including governemnt rebates

If no one has yet coined the phrase, “LED Revolution,” allow us to be the first. LED lights have been transforming consumer and business markets, seemingly overnight. From warehouse lighting to TVs and computer monitors, the cost benefits and innovations available via LED technology make it the first true revolutionary technology of the 21st century.

The Cost Benefit of Retrofitting to LED

While many have been able to be lucky enough to upgrade to LED technology, others have already made their asset investment beforehand, leaving little left in the coffers for additional infrastructure enhancements.

Luckily, where there’s a will there’s a way when it comes to cost-effective innovations such as LED Outdoor signage. That will comes in the form of LED Retrofitting. It’s more affordable than you think.

Rebates everywhere you turn

Many of the leading manufacturers have been offering rebate programs for businesses to convert their lighting needs over to LED. For example, we are working through the details of a federally funded cash rebate program for customers who look to be equipped with GE LED lights. Several other companies are also implementing similar programs. Such companies include Phillips and PG & E.

These programs provide significant cost incentive for those still stuck with fluorescent, neon, and other traditional outdoor signage lighting equipment. The programs also shortens the time companies who make to make the switch to LEDs will have to wait to experience a cost savings over time.

Preparing to be a part of the Internet of Things

Retrofitting LED lighting for Outdoor Signage provides the opportunity to get the signage prepared for being a part of the Internet of Things. This will allow for additional use of lighting controls, real-time monitoring of performance, and advanced lighting animation - enhancing the signage branding experience.

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