The dangers of political messages in outdoor signs

It seemed like once a year at Sunday dinner, my grandfather would to shut down a conversation topic by saying, "There's two things you never talk about: religion and politics." I used to think it was because he wanted peace and harmony while he ate, but the older I get, the more I saw how quickly tensions can escalate when these topics are covered.

We know it's almost too easy to want to slip out tongue-and-cheek zingers on your outdoor signs during election season. It's almost too hard not to. The problem is that when it comes to using political events as a source of humor, as simple or easy at it seems to be to get a quick laugh, the long-term effects can hurt your business.

Pew Research did a few studies on politics.

Pew Research did a study and found that 10% of Americans don't care about politics. This also means that 90% of Americans do care about politics.

In another study, they essentially found the 80-20 principle where the 20% polled were politically hard-lined to their party. This same 20% has the most influence over how the political process shapes up.

More or less, politically chiding one side or the other will impact about 20% directly, and indirectly affect several others. That's regardless of which party you tease.

In the end, you're going offend someone with political humor, no matter how tongue-and-cheek and harmless it might seem. And that someone could have been your next customer.

So, be a little cautious of what jokes you put on your signage. Everybody's money spends equally. And every business relationship doesn't mean you subscribe to your politics.

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You know, unless your business is politics, then have at it. :-).