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How to get building and signage permits in Chicago (Hint: With our help!)

Over 30 years of experience has taught us that it takes more than the creative process to be a full-service signage provider in Chicagoland. We have learned It takes as much paperwork as it does a boom, crane, helicopter or swinging stage to erect signage


Maintaining Brand Continuity with Signage

Leaving any kind of variance in branding can ultimately lead to the type of brand confusion that can hurt sales long-term, especially when it comes to customer retention.


What kind of light sources should I use for my healthcare industry signage?

When it comes to large outdoor signs, you can sometimes go with fluorescent bulbs, but two other choices are neon and LED (light emitting diode) light sources.


How do I create a lit sign for my healthcare facility?

How can you make sure your carefully branded signage is just as visible at night as it is during the day? Two popular options are push-through letters and internally illuminated channel letters. Let’s take a closer look at each.


Why does color matter in healthcare signage?

When we’re getting dressed for an important event, we all know that good color combinations make a huge difference in how we look and how we’re “read” by others. Did you also know that color combinations affect the readability of your signage?


Outdoor Signage vs Environmental and Construction Conditions

Sometimes, your environment is the biggest cause of your signage’s sales conversion issues.


Matching Outdoor Signage to Interior Lighting

Getting customers into the store is one thing. Making sure they have an idea what to expect is another.


Winter Signage Inspections, Again

Sometimes, making sure your signage is in the situation to connections in the Winter requires a little TLC. For what you get in return, it’s a love that can last a lifetime.


Outdoor Signage Tips to Start 2014

Here are a few of the things we go over with them to make sure their outdoor signage continues to provide these enviable features in 2014 and beyond.


5 common sense benefits of outdoor signage maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts helps repair and keep small the small issues that occur over time due to wear and tear. Without scheduled maintenance, little issues eventually turn into big things over time due to the relentlessness of weather.


Outdoor signage message and visibility tips

For those of us who have to make due with a little less space than the endless horizon, here’s a few tips on getting the right message for your signage.


How many words / characters should outdoor signage have?

One of the most common questions we get asked during the day, especially from those who are getting their first business / outdoor sign, is...


The Value of Logos in Business / Outdoor Signage

As they say in the Oceans 11 (remake):
“Don’ t use seven words when four will do."


The Story of Hotel Chicago told by its outdoor signs

For all the benefits, delights and memories-in-waiting that await our Chicago outdoor signage project, the thing we enjoy the most is seeing the growth of our clients through the evolution of their signage.


The shelf ice has broken on Lake Michigan. It’s time for Spring Cleaning on your outdoor signage.

Now is the time to start performing an inspection on your outdoor signage as well as plan a maintenance appointment to make sure your signage is ready for the upcoming season.


The best outdoor signage of far

Not every sign has the potential for significant impact. Not that the signs aren’t any good, but once in awhile someone comes up with signage so memorable that it’s worth the tip of the hat and a few moments worth of study.


Benefits of restaurant outdoor signage

Let’s make it short and sweet: here are a few things to consider about your outdoor restaurant signage. We did most of the work for you so you can spend more of your day-to-day thinking about the fun things.


The simple elegance of routed & sandblasted signs

Sometimes keeping to traditions pays the best homage to one’s brand. For those businesses, a routed & sandblasted sign can be the best use of outdoor signage space.


Is it Too Early to Start Planning Outdoor Signage for 2015?

One of the great questions, “When can we schedule an installation for next year?” For us, as much as we have a schedule in place to keep things running smooth, we also have a commitment to our customers, both new and recurring. We want to see everybod


Umami Burger Chicago - aluminum channel letter sign installation

The great jobs are ones that leave you hungry for more. The only thing that can possibly top that are jobs where you can satisfy that hunger, with food. Great food. Like the aluminum channel letter sign installation we did for the Umami Burger franchise o


Happy Holidays 2014 from Landmark Sign Group

We would like to take a moment to wish you, your friends and families a happy, healthy, and exciting Holiday Season 2014. We hope you make the destinations you seek, the desserts you crave, the presents you have to give and receive, and that you make it t


Fadó Irish Pub signage: reserve channel letters with reverse illuminated LED lights

Fadó Irish Pub’s authentic design and construction came from Ireland. The inspiration came straight from classic Gaelic-era history and origins. When the owners of Fadó Irish Pub went to look for someone to finish the outdoor sign, they came to us.


The TransUnion Chicago Outdoor Signage Job

When TransUnion needed a sturdy, yet modern look for their office sign to show their longevity and security, they came to Landmark Sign Group. A description for what we did for their outdoor signage is provided below.


Tips to Expediting the Signage Permit Process for your locations

If you’re on this page, you’re at the point where you’re conducting research on what permits you’re going to need to own and install your new business sign. Here are a few business sign permit tips to help you out:


What if my business signage installation in Chicago is going to involve public areas

There are regulations for construction in the public way in Chicago. We've been working with them for over 30 years.


The Pullman Park - Chicago Outdoor Retail Display Sign Project

Now that it has become a National Park, Pullman’s legacy will be preserved for future generations to study and grow from. What were we doing nearby during the ceremony?


Turnaround times on outdoor signage

Let?s start by making sure we don?t bury the lead: Landmark Sign Group is one of the fastest in the industry given the custom nature of the projects. We even have an ?on time or on us? guarantee.


Drafting & sketching: the second step with client in outdoor signage process

This is the step where we take all the information in the first step and begin drafting out the sketches for your outdoor signage.


Outdoor Signage Message Goals: Summer 2015 Edition

The following are a few tips to make sure the signs are shining in the summertime when potential customers are rolling by.


Is there time in today's world for humor on signage

With the ever-quickening pace by which the world changes, the question begs itself: is there enough time left in the world to use humor on outdoor signage in order to attract attention?


5 Fall 2015 events to anticipate for your outdoor sign maintenance schedule

Keep prepared, and start while it?s still bearable to go outside.


Should We Turn On Our Signage at Sundown?

Though a step like, "when to turn on our outdoor sign?" can seem tiny, it can be a foundation piece when beginning to build your presence.


Outdoor LED Signage examples from which to draw inspiration

For those thinking about the place, a little signage inspiration to show how your signage can entice your customers that much more.


Proposals, Surprises, and other Digital Signage Content in today's world

Man, this stuff outdoor signage stuff used to be simple. Match the colors, develop innovative design, build custom construction, install it as high as the zoning rights would allow, and attract customers for miles around.


How to test outdoor signage messages before the sign goes up

How to test the messaging right before erecting the signage? Here are a few ways to consider testing your themes before they go above your storefronts.


Using old materials to make New Steampunk signs for FTW Chicago

Today's technology doesn't replace "old," non-digital signage materials. It enhances them.


How many revisions are needed before completing a signage project?

How many revisions are needed before completing a signage project? It depends on the process.


Digital Signage Retargeting is becoming a reality

We knew we would see the day where retargeting would become a digital signage advertising tactic. We just didn't expect to see it so soon.


Our Programmable LED Outdoor Signage work in Chicago & beyond

From corporate and healthcare franchises to local businesses & shops in Chicago and Northwest Indiana, we've stayed on the cutting edge to develop timeless, lasting signs. That edge brought us headlong into programmable outdoor LED Signage.


Healthcare Sigange for visitors who did NOT help the patient check-in

Simple explanatory signage is essential to go customer experiences. This includes the patient's friends and family.


Custom outdoor signs for your Chicago business

In the end it comes down to your business needs. Your sign, your way.


Pokemon Go brought mad traffic to businesses. Is it time to think about AR integration with signage?

When it's ready, AR's accessibility will probably be upon Digital Signage and mobile devices.


The Why in what is driving digital marketing expansion

The Why in what is driving digital marketing expansion. The nuances that drive its growth.


How Custom our custom signs are

Whenever LED is involved, it becomes the focal point.


The best wood for outdoor signage...

It depends more on how the wood aligns with your branding as well as your storefront.


Serving Signs for Churches in Chicago (and beyond)

The synergy from these collaborations are the moments corporate trainers look for in their "how to" sessions. Incredible fun.


VR & Signage heading into 2017

The question for your signage should be: "should we be marketing with VR yet?"


Happy New Years - Signage Trends entering 2017

From innovations in the signage industry to keeping up with the changes in culture, we're still working to catch up.


How much trouble can you get into for not having signage permits?

"Are these signage permits really necessary? I mean, what's the worst that happens?"

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