The Why in what is driving digital marketing expansion

There was a great article that came out last month in Digital Signage Today's blog. Titled, "What's driving the digital signage market trends?", the article went on to explain the growth highpoints in the Digital Signage market, which hit $14.9bn in 2015. The $4.3bn 2015 number for the US Digital Signage market was especially incredible:

"The U.S. digital signage market was evaluated at $4.3 billion for 2015. Rising trends and the increasing demand for digital signage across various applications is predicted to positively affect the growth of the industry." - Digital Signage Today

We definitely recommend going over to the article to read the highpoints.


As for, "why?" the market continues to grow, we have some good guesses

1) Adaptability: Most anywhere you wanted to put traditional signage faces, you can put a digital signage in its place. This includes storefronts, mall locations adjacent to the anchor store, above the grocery cart return, and the parking lot.

2) Speed of messaging:

Want to use your sign to get the word out about a new sale? Well, back in the day you would have to climb up a ladder and hope you had enough black capital letters to put on the sign. Then, you had to be more "poetic" to properly convey your message than you do on Twitter.

Now, with a laptop and a few minutes, you can open your software application, type in your message, and update it anywhere you have signage.

3) Integration

[Warning, we used a buzzword. We apologize for that]. With digital signage, you can integrate with any type of marketing or advertising campaign you're running on any type or all verticals of choice. With digital signage, your store messages can become more than signposts leading you to the action. They become a part of the message. They can convey, relay, and update your latest campaign instead of being a beacon in the night.

Not to knock those beacons in the night. They stand tall, strong, and proud.

And we'll forever continue to build them. Though if you have a chance to use digital signage, we recommend it. Your signage goes from being passive to an active format when you go digital.