Winter Signage Inspections, Again

Winter Signage Inspections, Again

When a business gets a new sign, it’s like a new toy. They take pictures by it after we install it for them. They post it to Facebook. If it is a business’ first ever full-fledged outdoor sign, they’ll typically get the pictures framed. Taking it a step further, it wouldn’t be the first time we had heard that a business framed the pictures and gave them out as holiday gifts. “Look, guys, we made it!

But like a new toy, occasionally the luster comes of its shine, literally. Typically it isn’t the quality of the craftsmanship so much as it is good ole’ fashioned neglect. And so much more often than anything else:  the weather.

Talk about the weather, regularly

Like the monthly login to quickbooks and daily email updates, signage maintenance and inspections are just as essential - especially after extreme bouts of weather such as the blizzard of 2014.

At worst, at very worst, a visual spot inspection after such weather is the minimal prudent thing to do. It’s time to put on the boots, scarf, coat, hat & / or gloves and check to see if any leakages occurred, if the power is still operating in the proper places, and if there are any other structural defects that require immediate attention. Your customers and clients will have just endured some horrendous traffic conditions over the last few weeks. The least that could be done for them is to make sure finding you is the simplest, easiest thing they’ve had to do all day. They won’t be pleased if they feel as though they are the only ones expected to endure the weather.

Here’s a good baseline list on which to start checking

  1. consistency of coloring
  2. if lighted - check for consistency of illumination
  3. any noticeable color changes in the seals and edges
  4. signs of dirt or moisture inside the sign - especially when lit
  5. exposed wires
  6. inconsistencies with the timing mechanism - if auto light
  7. burned-out bulbs or tubes
  8. signs of shrapnel around the signage - dents in the snow, impressions in the mud...

Of course, make sure your scheduled inspection is ready to go

Making sure your signage is in the situation to make such accommodations requires a little TLC. For what you get in return, it’s a love that can last a lifetime.

And that’s good for business