What if my business signage installation in Chicago is going to involve public areas

As a company who is on the approved List of Licensed Sign Contractors for the City of Chicago, we often go hand-in-hand with our Chicago area clients in helping them get the required paperwork to have their outdoor signage installed. The stories about the process of finalizing the paperwork for signage in Chicago is true: it’s a thorough yet rewarding process.

This process includes when signage installation requires having machines on public property in order to perform the task.

There are regulations for construction in the public way in Chicago

Those rules can found in PDF format on the City of Chicago website. We would quote them for you but it is a 300 page document.

Luckily, we’re versed in the rules

We can help make that your specific sign(s) and your location abide to the rules spelled out for those areas of towns. We can make sure that your business gets the proper Public Way Work Licenses and is backed with the proper insurance and every other odds and ins that go into making sure your signage gets the exposure it deserves along The Windy City’s streets.

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For over 30 years, Landmark Sign Group has helped clients in all aspects of their outdoor business signage. These full spectrum of services include a free initial consultation, design, construction, and installation. That includes helping make sure the paper is assembled and the permits are obtained in order to help reduce the possibility of delays.