The simple elegance of routed & sandblasted signs

The fusion of technology and signage is taking business branding to unprecedented heights. Some outdoor signage has become so vibrant and active that they become more than a sign. They have become a symbol that the future is here.

Sometimes outdoor signage doesn’t require such sophisticated innovation. Sometimes signage needs something sweet & subtle to make a significant impact. Sometimes keeping to traditions pays the best homage to one’s brand. For those businesses, a routed & sandblasted sign can be the best use of outdoor signage space.

Tangible works of arts

With routed & sandblasted outdoor signage, the little things can make the biggest difference. Taking the time to take care about the details in the sign can make for tangible works of art. Thoughtful carvings & woodworking and techniques can have big impacts to passers by. More importantly, when customers see such effort in signage they can associate that they will receive the same level of care.

Beautiful textures & materials

With durable wood materials such as cedar and weather-enduring measures including the use of HDU (high density urethane), routed & sandblasted signs can keep looking beautiful for years to come.

Multiple installation opportunities

Unlike electrical signage that might need additional electrical wiring to install the sign in the proper location, routed & sandblasted signs typically takes significantly less effort. Not only that, but the types of installation can enhance the signage’s look. For example, hanging the sign from a roof or ledge of a patio roof can give the signage and rustic, nostalgic look.

Looking for something simple and elegant?

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