Using old materials to make New Steampunk signs for FTW Chicago

When looking into the most popular types of outdoor signage, the buzz words start to sound so futuristic: LED, animated signage, video screens, LEED-certified...If you missed it, we entered tomorrow's world about five minutes ago.

Not every sign needs to have routine software updates to properly convey your brand message. The "old" ways still work. The "old" materials are still just as beautiful, and often timeless. Not only that but who says you can't get a modern look the good old-fashioned way.

Some of the "old" materials we used to make new signs for FTW Chicago

Not all canvases need to be LED screens. Take the Steampunk-inspired signage we did for FTW Chicago. For example, when building FTW Chicago's City Golf 312 sign, we did use LED, but they were the energy-efficient light bulbs housed in the brass & bronze-toned lamps that were mounted above the sign. As for the sign itself, we digitally printed the signage to a 7'11" x 4'0" sheet of .080 Aluminum.

For their restroom sign, you'll find that we used internally illuminated signage, routed ALUCOBOND®, and other modern concepts. What was "old" was the galvanized pipe and fittings we used to house and mount the sign to the ceiling.

To learn more about how we integrated traditional and modern components into a steampunk look and feel, check out our FTW Chicago signage project feature page.

Point is: not every new sign needs to have only modern components

We're entering a golden era of outdoor signage. The technology being put into signs were inconceivable as little as 20 years ago. All this innovation is wonderful and should be embraced.

What makes the technology so incredible is how well it integrates into any and all types of signs. Today's "new" Digital & LED technology doesn't replace the "old" signage materials, but enhances them.

So, go ahead. Dream big. Be innovative. But most importantly, don't feel like you have to sacrifice your brand identity to keep up with the signs of the time.

For more information on how to blend the old with the new, contact us today.