Turnaround times on outdoor signage

Turnaround times on outdoor signage

We’re often asked what our turnaround time is on projects.

Let’s start by making sure we don’t bury the lead: Landmark Sign Group is one of the fastest in the industry given the custom nature of the projects. We even have an “on time or on us” guarantee.

We start at the beginning, building a roadmap for the design, construction, and installation of all your signage. One sign or 50 signs, the process is the same. It’s why we’re able to say, “on time or on us.”

Before we’re ever able to definitively estimate a time frame, we have to consider several elements, including:

The Materials

What goes into the sign determines construction length. If it involves a lot of intricate, custom construction, the signage is going to take a little longer. If the material is easier to work with or simpler in nature, then the project takes less time.

New, Recycled, or Repairs

A new sign typically takes the longest. It is a case of starting from scratch.

Where the sign is located is just as important as the sign itself. If the sign is going to be installed, then there are construction permits that need to be included.

Recycled signs or repaired signs typically have shorter turnaround times. Since at least part of the signage is in place, then a good share of the work is already complete.

Rush or Normal Super-Speed

We typically don’t do rush jobs, but sometimes customers have emergencies. In those situations, we pull out all the stops to make sure we get the job done. We double-up on the coffee, stock up on midnight oil, and go to work.

Get the right estimate for the right price, with the guarantee

We would love to give flat turnaround times, but the truth is that our clients don’t have flat requests. Why should they? They have dynamic, unique businesses that they pour their hearts and souls into. We give them the best price we can at the best available turnaround time, with no second spared.