Outdoor Signage Message Goals: Summer 2015 Edition

Ahhh, Summer. The time of the year where most travel is done, especially in automobiles. With the winter we had, roadtrip season couldn’t return soon enough.

Other than Christmas / Holiday season there is no bigger time when people are out and about than summertime. With such outdoor activity comes opportunity. Whether it is a potential direct sale or just a parent on a “honey-do,” errand, eyeballs are out in force from Spring’s last melting to Fall’s first flurries. Now is the time to make sure when they see you, they’ll like, respect, and understand what they’re seeing.

The following are a few tips to make sure the signs are shining in the summertime when potential customers are rolling by.

CTA Update: don’t bury the lead

Everyone likes a good puzzle. Many like them in the morning with their coffee. Some prefer crosswords, others prefer sudoku. But no amount of java will make anyone want to take time to guess what your business is about when they see your signage.

Keep your CTAs short, sweet, and to the point.

If attention spans are short in normal weather, imagine how short they are when it’s hot out

A recent study was published stating that the average attention span for Americans has become less than that of a goldfish. There’s literally no time for being too cute with your message. State your message now or lose your customer to the next...and, there they go.

This is especially true on those extreme heat days. Customers don’t want to have to think about whether or not your products and services align with what they need. And if they know who you are, they don’t want to have to guess as to whether or not they’ve found the right location. It’s too hot for being too clever.

Remember to keep to your own business seasons

As much as it would be great to jump in on the rush of activity that summer can provide, if your business and services don’t align with the summer seasons, don’t force the message to make it happen.

For example, a divorce lawyer using branding messages like:

"Cool off your heated marital agony with a cool, crisp annulment."

...might convey the wrong message. There’s a chance you’ll be considered inconsiderate to your potential customers’ needs.

Keep the contrast, while remaining branding

Many malls and business locations have some type of restrictions on usage, colors, and space. If your colors are limited, consider using textures to bring layers and enhancements to your message.

In the end, sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

And before you know it, Fall is here...

Don’t worry. Most of these tips work for the majority of the year. It isn’t as if folks run back into their homes when the first day of Fall hits. They’re tips that help for all the outdoor months.

Keep it simple, keep it sweet, and you’ll keep your customers coming back for more.

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