How Custom our custom signs are

Over the years we have been asked to come up with some incredible, over-the-top signage creations. Some involved a lot of coordination. Others included materials combinations they don't often teach in schools. All of it has been a blast to design, construct, and install. We can do the same for you.

For reference, here are the types of custom signage we typically get asked to design, construct, and install.

Custom LED Signage integration

Whenever LED is involved, it becomes the focal point. It's brilliant, illuminating, and durable. Usually we do LED signs as stand-alones that rest atop or on the sides of buildings, though we do get calls to house them in staunch towers and theatre marquees. We've also installed several within indoor locations such as hospitals, athletic centers, and shopping malls.

Woodwork, Plastics, and more

Our staff acts like kids in candy stores during the Holiday season when they hear a project is going to involve woodworking. Monument signs, churches, niche shopping malls and education buildings are usually the most active clientele for woodworking integration - though not limited to them.

Recycled Materials, too

Sometimes the best thing to do is simply give your existing signage a little facelift. Little nip, little tuck.

Recycling as much of your existing materials as is feasible is an incredible way to keep costs down and keep homage to your company's history. This is especially true when you're looking to develop signage that will qualify you for LEED certificates.

Reduce your carbon footprint by making your sign, "green." Be cost-effective and save a little, "green." Everybody wins.

Each sign is "on time or on us!"

We make a plan, we stick to it. Each signage job we perform comes with out "On Time or On Us," guarantee.

Contact us today more about what kind of custom signage we can create for you

If you want us to, we will build it, and they will come. Contact us today to learn more about how and what we can build for you.