How many revisions are needed before completing a signage project?

The last thing any fairly-run signage company wants to hear is that a customer is experiencing buyer's remorse over the way their signage turned out. It's not good for them. It's not good for us. It's not really good for anyone, but perhaps the competition. That's no good.

To help prevent this, we have a thorough, time-tested process that takes both us and our clients from the initial consultation through to the installation cleanup and follow-up. This process has allowed us to keep our, "on time or on us" guarantee in place without having any client ever have to use it. In this process, we have what are called, "revisions." These revisions help allow for the client to make changes to the initial vision before construction.

We typically provide one round of revisions once a mockup is approved

We do this for a couple reasons. The first reason is that we go through a few design looks before the mockup, making changes to and fro on the look & style and custom materials. We also make virtual, digital mockups to give a very accurate virtual representation of what the sign(s) will look like when they are done. Then we go over those renderings with the client in meetings before discussions.

Different materials can mitigate those numbers up or down

Depending on the type of signage, more revisions can be feasible. Conversely, if the materials used in signage are expensive, such as an extra-large custom LED screen, it becomes a little more difficult to do multiple revisions.

In the end, we typically anticipate and fairly negotiate the rounds of revisions before placing them in the contract

With over 30 years in business making outdoor signage of all shapes, sizes, and trends, we've gotten pretty good at knowing exactly what it's going to take to get the signage both the clients and their budgets will love. If you want the extra allotment to be extra-extra certain about what you're getting, we help plan for it going into the process.

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