Proposals, Surprises, and other Digital Signage Content in today's world

Man, this stuff outdoor signage stuff used to be simple. Match the colors, develop innovative design, build custom construction, install it as high as the zoning rights would allow, and attract customers for miles around. Then periodically, perform planned maintenance to keep the signs looking fresh and new.

Nowadays, the signage acts as much like a photo gallery, television, and interchangeable marquee as it does a standing stalwart of confidence and branding. The more you integrate into your signage, the more innovative your overall customer experience will be.

And the things they're coming up with...

Enhancing the Holiday Experience

Digital Signage Today reported about how outdoor digital signs were used to display Valentine's Day proposal on outdoor signs. Now, sports fans have probably seen this before on message boards during timeouts and intermissions. But here was the kicker: the offer to propose to your beloved on the most Hallmark romantic day of the year was available via a Groupon.com offer.

Now, all one needed was $30,000 USD and a bit of planning, but it was available.

Making the most of every moment on video

Not every opportunity will net $30,000 USD, but several opportunities are available because of outdoor digital signage. And as the digital signage becomes more commonplace, the opportunities to identify your brand with a related human experience become bountiful.

Outdoor signage has become a new interactive medium. A medium that can continue to consistently broadcast current, updated, appealing messaging each and every moment of the day. With video, those same pieces of content can be syndicated online via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

In an HD world, the customer can tell good from bad

But you can't just spit some content scenes into a digital camera, push it out to your media devices and call it a video. Much like the time that was put into the signage, branding, and all the way down to your business' mission and vision statement, video content needs to be crafted and articulated. A better way to put it, it has to tell a compelling story.

Sometimes, those stories are proposals or live broadcasts of Easter Egg hunts. Other times, they're articulate commercials. In the end, it has to capture their attention or you won't get anyone to stop and watch.

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