5 Fall 2015 events to anticipate for your outdoor sign maintenance schedule

5 Fall 2015 events to anticipate for your outdoor sign maintenance schedule

Sure, the weather is nice now. It’s hard to think of colder weather when anticipating an Indian summer, but the sad truth is that planning for the bad weather now is better than having to react to it while being in the the middle of it. Look outside, be thankful for the sun, and remember you go to start planning for the following now, while the weather is nice.

Here are specific events during the Fall 2015 season to play special attention to when planning for maintenance and update of your outdoor sign(s).

Daylight Savings Time Goes Into Effect November 1, 2015 at 2am local time back to 1am.

Remember this date so you can remember to plan testing your automatic signage timers. Make sure they’re turning on and off automatically at the right time. For those with computerized messaging equipment, test it out to make sure it’s updated. There’s nothing worse than having your sign in the dark for an hour at a time.

Farmer’s Almanac predicts ...

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts colder than average weather for a good part of the country including the “Lower Lakes” region (Chicago and abroad), Northeast, and so forth. Cooler weather often brings elements that go along with it: wind, rain, sleet...

This means that for a good part of the country, the weather is going to be harsher than normal, again. Make sure your signage maintenance and inspection is doing before the weather hits.

Thanksgiving will be on November 26, meaning the traditional Holiday shopping season will be 29 days...

Thanksgiving will start a little later this year, which means the traditional Holiday Season will be more compact. This means, if you follow the traditional guidelines that the Holiday Season starts when Santa makes his appearance in the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, that you’ll have a couple less days to get your message out to people during the biggest shopping day of the season. The extra time means you’ll have next-to-know excuses to not have your content schedule together for your outdoor signage.

West coast: el Nino is expected to be the most powerful in years

El Nino, the cyclical series of pooled weather that forms in Peru and Equador around December, is expected to be the biggest one in 20 years. While many experts expect the weather generated from el Nino will help alleviate California’s extreme drought, but on a larger scale, the weather generated by this el Nino is expected to shake up weather patterns throughout the country.

In short, be prepared for anything this season.

The weather can and will wreak havoc on signage.

Keep prepared, and start while it’s still bearable to go outside. And if you’d like professional maintenance and inspections, we offer inspections and maintenance contracts to help keep signs in tip-top shape in even the worst of conditions.

Conditions that no one wants to think about on a day like today.