Fadó Irish Pub signage: reserve channel letters with reverse illuminated LED lights

Fadó Irish Pub signage: reserve channel letters with reverse illuminated LED lights

For nearly 20 years, Fadó Irish Pub has brought the best of the Irish pub culture to Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Iconic atmosphere, authentic cuisines made from scratch, TV’s displaying several “football” league games, and the type of loyal customer base that tourism boards love to flaunt on their promotional materials, the vaunted establishment holds culturally true to the meaning of its Irish name, “long ago.”

Fadó Irish Pub -  signage pre-build situation

Fadó Irish Pub’s authentic design and construction came from Ireland. The inspiration came straight from classic Gaelic-era history and origins. When the owners of Fadó Irish Pub went to look for someone to finish the outdoor sign, they came to us.

Here’s a description on the work we performed on the iconic sign:

The Fadó Irish Pub sign job description

For the Fadó Irish Pub sign job, we performed one set of 1” thick plex reserve channel letters of their logo couple with reverse illuminated LED lights. The letters are mounted to .080” thick painted backers, which was mounted to a 6” tall raceway, which was then mounted to the building fascia.

The backers were painted in MP28535 Gold Dust Metallic with map black letter faces & returns and illuminated in white LEDs. The raceway was set to color match Benjamin Moore Exterior Expression “Classic Burgundy.”

The result is a near-20 ft. long sign that stands just over 2 feet tall that perfectly compliments the Irish charm of Fadó while establishing a resplendent aesthetic residents in River North have come to expect.

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