Tips to Expediting the Signage Permit Process for your locations

Maybe right now, at this moment, you’re conducting research for your first outdoor business sign. Or maybe it’s just been awhile and your signage is ready for a facelift. Either way, you’re beginning an adventure.

If you’re on this page, you’re at the point where you’re conducting research on what permits you’re going to need to own and install your new business sign.

A few business sign permit tips to help you out

1 - : Team up with a great signage company who knows the ropes.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we’re an award winning, full service outdoor signage company with over 30 years experience. We’re on the approved contractor list for the City of Chicago as well as several other locations throughout the country and have first hand knowledge on all aspects of the signage permit process for both owning and installation - including permits for using public ways for installation.

And we do free estimates and initial consultations.

2 - : Decide on the signage.

The type of signage will determine the course of action. For new signs, the process will be the same as new construction projects. If the work is a recycle, rehab or maintenance, then depending on the city, less paperwork will be required.

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume it’s for a new site:

3 - : Building codes and legal double-check

Once the preferred type of signage has been checked, the next thing to do is to double-check with the building codes and ordinances on every governmental level, to make sure the signage type and installation requirements will be allowed.

Luckily, all levels of government have the paperwork available on websites. The time for the hunt, peck, and download begins - and fill in the gaps with some phone call work when needed.

4 - : Survey the Land.

Each location is unique, vibrant and full of possibilities, but that’s not the only reason to do the survey. The data from the surveys will also be crucial for construction, installation, and those all-too-important permits.

5 - : Trying not to go blind on paperwork.

Now that the process is in place, it’s time to get to work.

Questions? Contact us today. We’ll get your pointed in the right direction.