Happy Holidays 2014 from Landmark Sign Group

We would like to take a moment to wish you, your friends and families a happy, healthy, and exciting Holiday Season 2014. We hope you make the destinations you seek, eat the desserts you (are allowed t0) crave, find the presents you have to give and receive, and that you make it to the dinner table on time.

May Your Lights Be Bright

Remember to check your signages. It’s the biggest retail shopping season of the year. We don’t want to see anyone lose out on sales because of a misspelled word on the LED screen or a burned-out bulb.

Practice Runs

This is also the season to spend twice as much time making sure everything with the signage is running smooth. For those with automated messaging, perform test runs to make sure the messaging will switch and scroll at the times, speeds, and frequency you hope for. Also, double-check that grammar. Everybody is feeling more generous this time of year but it would be a shame if customers thought you had the deal of the century because of a misplaced decimal point.

And here’s to a Smooth 2015

2015 is over there. But once it hits, make sure you hit the ground again with your plans for the year.

Until then, once again, have a Happy and Joyous 2014 season.