Our Programmable LED Outdoor Signage work in Chicago & beyond

For over 30 years, we have let our work develop a sterling reputation for building outstanding outdoor signage. From corporate and healthcare franchises to local businesses & shops in Chicago and Northwest Indiana, we've stayed on the cutting edge to develop timeless, lasting signs.

That edge brought us headlong into programmable outdoor LED Signage.

LED technology is dynamic and innovative. It interacts with customers in ways barely dreamt of when we first entered the market in the 80's. The many ways in which it is providing our customers with complete customer interactive experiences is simply mesmerizing.

Customers like you.

Why you should choose Landmark Sign Group for your Outdoor LED signage needs.

Because we offer...

  • Free Quotes
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • "On Time Or Us" Guarantee

We take our clients from first drafts to installation. We work in the materials, size, and scope the best fit their needs. And we do it on time, or we do it for free.

Looking Simply to "Take the LEED?"

We are also very experienced in building signs for businesses who need LED Signage to complete U.S Green Building Council's LEED Certification. We'll put together a plan that allows you reduce your carbon footprint by LEED standards and beyond.

As anyone in the signage industry can tell you: it doesn't hurt to look.

Contact us today to request a free Quote & Initial Consultation. We'll help you put together a plan that either uses LED Outdoor Signage as a centerpiece to your plan, or as an accent piece. We'll do whatever works best for your team.