Why your storefront signage is important

Many great business plans have had but a little fault in them here and there. For some, it’s as simple as not properly researching the true cost of goods sold. Others, it’s a lack of worthwhile customer service procedures. For several new businesses, it comes down to presentation. The best products in the world will not sell if nobody either knows what it is or where to find it. The best services? Same problem.

To assure that such problems do not happen for your business, regardless of whether the business is new or not-as-new, the below steps, reasons and rationale will at least help your storefront signage be in the right place, at the right time and for all the right reasons.

Signage makes the most of a location

Not all storefronts are built the same. There’s no law that states that they all should all be created equally. There are a few ordinances here and there that dictate color schemes, heights and the like, but for the most part you have to play the hand you’re dealt. It’s best to make the most of those the requirements. Lighted signs when available, take the location as high up on the shared strip mall sign as possible...put out as many beacons-in-the-night as the landlord will allow - without going overboard.

Signage communicates a message

Despite the days and hours spent honing in your brand’s tag and color scheme, the truth is your customers won’t spend but a fraction of the time considering the message and next to no time putting themselves in your shows when browsing your signage.

You have to go to them.

And you have to give them what they want the moment they see it. They want services, they want contact information, they want a name. They want it now. Keep it to a few succinct words and allow the storefront signage’s proximity to your location do the rest.

Offering free stuff helps, too

Signage shows professionalism

As we talked about in the article about setting storefront signage timers to Daylight Savings Time, having clean, maintained signs that work properly, light up when the sun goes down and provides the needed information promptly provides customers the indication that the inside is as organized.

Signage reaffirms customer opinion

Pick an organization adage, they all apply when it comes to signage. Input equals output, organization leads to productivity...appearance reflects brand integrity. Signage reflects brand appearance. Having signage that reflects your brand’s intent helps target the desired customers and provide the best-desired first impression, increasing the chances of sales within the store.

Let your signage be a beacon

Change is constant. Customers will drive by at all hours of the night at interval frequencies. Employee turnover is inevitable. Product lines will evolve. The most consistent image a customer will see over time is your storefront signage. The signage will be standing there as these changes come and go. Giving your signage the best opportunity to do its job will be one of the most valuable assets for your brand over time.