The best outdoor signage of 2014...so far

Robert Frost once wrote that poetry is “when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” One can say the same about great outdoor signage because in the end, both try to say as much as they can in as few words as possible.

Not every sign has the potential for such an impact. Not that the signs aren’t any good, but once in awhile someone comes up with signage so memorable that it’s worth the tip of the hat and a few moments worth of study.

A billboard providing drinking water in Lima, Peru

Though we ourselves do not produce billboards, we often have to work in conjunction with them. When the story broke about a billboard created by the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and an ad agency called Mayo DraftFCBand actually pulled water from the atmosphere, allowing residents to have much-needed drinking water, we stopped what we were doing and took notice.

According to multiple news outlets, the area around the sign has 98% humidity but little rainfall. The sign captures the humidity in the air then uses reverse osmosis to purify the collected water and store it in 20 liter tanks. Over 9,400 liters of water had been collected, purified and utilized by residents in the first 3 months alone.

The message of the sign?

Hope that technology will help solve the lack-of-drinking water issues both in Peru and abroad.

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