Outdoor LED Signage examples from which to draw inspiration

It's that time of year: kids are thinking about presents and food, but mostly about presents. Families are busy making sure all the travel and entertainment plans are checked and double-checked so no one has to spend all day at an airport.

Businesses handle this time a year a little differently. Many SBUs within businesses during are busy executing their 4th quarter strategy in attempts to get into (or stay in) the black. Typically, the remaining SBUs planned the 4th quarter strategies currently being executed. These SBUs are already planning for 2016. All things are on the table: product, price, place, and promotion.


We choose LED Illuminated signage. Without delay...

The Grove - Elgin, IL

The Grove is a marketplace in the suburbs of Chicago. Home to several businesses, they asked for a sign that allowed the businesses to highlight their location, but they also wanted signage that allowed for quick, dynamic updates in full color.

They came to us; we helped them out.

Now, with their signage, they can update passersby with the latest sales, community events, and updates. Not only that, but they can sit it on a slideshow mode which allows several messages to be displayed consistently throughout the day.

Blue Chip Casino - Michigan City, IN

For a destination location akin to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore that used to remind folks that, "The Best Things Come Out of the Blue," Blue Chip Casino wanted signage that looked anything but business as usual. They wanted to make sure customers knew they were getting a Vegas-style experience, with all the excitement, without having to travel to Vegas.

With their new resplendent signage, folks can not only begin to prepare for the fun, but they can also see what is being featured for the evening as well as the exciting events to come.

Asparagus - Merrillville, IN

Not every sign needs all the animated video features, today. Sometimes, a little LED accents can go a long way for signage. Look no further than Asparagus in Merrillville, IN.

Simple, elegant, and beautiful. It gets the point across, and lights up the night with its elegant themes.

Would you like a little LED in your life? Even if it is a little at a time?

Let us know. We can help put you on the right path to come up with a feasible LED solution. We can also help you come up with a long-term plan so you can grow and add to your signage as your business grows.