Matching Outdoor Signage to Interior Lighting

Here’s a topic that can go off on eternal tangents. We’ll do our best to keep it simple... 

Have you ever had to color match an outfit down to specific shades and hues? For example, have you had to make sure the gunmetal in a tie brought out the color in a person’s eye? Or something more common: how about playing music in a band or orchestra and having to keep on beat? There’s precision, execution, education and training that goes into it.

In business, it’s very much the same thing.

Especially when it comes to color and branding. What most who either didn’t go through or didn’t stay awake in their retail marketing class never realize is that the shading and lighting affects a customer’s experience as much as the color and line matching. Even the sharpest creased fold lines won’t make up for bad light. Sales will be lost.

There are many, many studies covering the topic

Now, match the interior lighting with the exterior lighting and signage

Getting them into the store is one thing. Making sure they have an idea what to expect is another. Outdoor signage and subsequent environmental lighting is a table-setter when it comes to a customer’s overall user experience. Just like how high-society expects the cufflinks to match the watch and belt buckle, customers expect the inside and outside of the store to be reflective of each-other. If the outdoor signage represents one environment but the interior of the store represents another, a customer is likely to walk back out the door and do a double-check before asking, “is this the right place?” That’s a question no business owner ever wants to answer.

It’s what we know how to do

For over 30 years, Landmark Sign Group has specialized in outdoor signage that not only grabs a user’s attention, but helps retain them once they get through the door. For more advice on how to match your outdoor signage to your indoor experience, contact us today!