The Pullman Park - Chicago Outdoor Retail Display Sign Project

For as many projects as we have done in Chicago over the last 30+ years, we still get that adrenaline rush when we perform a project alongside a significant event. For example, if you live in and around Chicago at the time of this writing, you had to be living under a rock to not have heard about President Obama returning to Chicago to designate the Pullman Historic District as the city’s first National Park.

What is the Pullman Historic District?

The Pullman Historic District preserves the memory of Pullman Chicago. When “The World’s Most Perfect Town,” began construction 1879, Pullman’s focus was to be a modern planned community / company town for the Pullman Palace Car company. Situated at the time just outside the Chicago city limits, Pullman was the site of an employee strike that affected the nation’s economy. Picketing, riots, and the Pullman Strike - that after two months took government intervention to end - eventually lead to improved working laws and civil rights advances in our nation.

Many of the buildings for the Pullman community can still be visited and toured today. Now that it has become a National Park, Pullman’s legacy will be preserved for future generations to study and grow from.

What were we doing nearby?

During the ceremony, the area was busy pulling out all the stops. We got to see it up close because, one mile west of the festivities, our crew was busy getting Pullman Park’s retail signages up for their opening.

The Pullman Park Chicago outdoor signage project - at a glance

For this project, we built a custom painted aluminum sign box, fitted with ALUCOBOND panels and adorned with an internally illuminated “Pullman Park” logo. The park tenants will be featured on the signage with a laser cut variation of their logo and name on an aluminum panel which will be highlighted by the sign’s internal lighting. 14” diameter painted steel columns provide an ideal combination of support and stylish framing for the piece.

The results speak for themselves in the picture above.

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