Digital Signage Retargeting is becoming a reality

We knew we would see the day where retargeting would become a digital signage advertising tactic. We just didn't expect to see it so soon.

What is retargeting?

Have you ever visited a website, and then for the next twenty minutes (or more likely, six weeks...), every single website you visit afterwards has ads for the first website you landed on? That's retargeting. Websites make this happen using a piece of code - a cookie - that they get from an ad network they use to run marketing campaigns. Once you're "cookied" it lets the publisher run ads on any and every other site that could possibly be relevant that also works with that ad network.

It's a little more invasive in digital signage

In most cases, you aren't using a desktop or laptop while in the store, but what you will probably use is your cell phone. Stores tailor their wi-fi so they can give you ads based on purchase history (do you use their app?), and where you are in the store. Even the Wall Street Journal is using it.

With billboards, it's even more impressive

The technology on billboards and outdoor signs now includes cameras that are allowing advertisers to quickly identify faces and objects, and target accordingly. It's even been tested here in Chicago, where car companies are using outdoor ads that point out to drivers in a competitor's car the shortcomings in their vehicle compared to the car advertised on the billboard. It even goes down to the make and model.

It's just the beginning.

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