The best wood for outdoor signage...

Sure, we know the basics. There are softwoods such as Cedar and Redwood. There are hardwoods such as Maple and Oak. Ebony is a dark-colored wood. Pine is a light-colored wood. Each have benefits. Each have drawbacks. But when asking, "which wood is best for outdoor signage," it's typically less about the wood and more about what the wood can do for your signage.

Softwood isn't necessarily softer than hardwood.

While in many cases, this is true. There are woods considered hardwoods that are actually quite soft, and there are softwoods that are generally quite strong.

There are stains and finishes to help offset any dexterity issues.

Depending on the finish, most stains and finishes can help offset any dexterity issues the wood you might have. A good stain and finish will create a protective layer which will help keep softer woods protected against the elements.

Color of the wood becomes secondary.

A light wood or a dark wood depends less on lighting and more on your branding. Either dark or light will be able to stick out when the right lighting and contrast is used. In both sets, a call-to-action can still be achieved.

It depends more on how the wood aligns with your branding as well as your storefront.

Once those elements are sorted out, the wood actually chooses itself.

We can create signs to fit any nook and cranny. We can make them stand out regardless of the color, shape, and light.

Even recycled wood can be used

As if there was another reason to love working with wood, recycled wood from old signage or other projects can be a great budget-saving way to get material.

Also, the character some of those pieces accumulate are one-of-a-kind beautiful. For that reason alone, recycling is always a consideration on projects.

We're craftsmen. We can make any material fit the job.

And we can show you how it's done, each and every step of the way.