The Story of Hotel Chicago told by its outdoor signs

The Story of Hotel Chicago told by its outdoor signs

There are several perks to building and installing signage in downtown Chicago. It’s considered perhaps the greatest city in the world for many, many inspiring reasons. Our recent installation job for the Hotel Sax Chicago-to-Hotel Chicago signage update was performed across the street from House of Blues. We spent our breaks sneaking peaks to see who would be entering the side door and who would be practicing on stage.

But for all the benefits, delights and memories-in-waiting that await our Chicago outdoor signage project, the thing we enjoy the most is seeing the growth of our clients through the evolution of their signage.

Over 30 years of designing, building and installing signage in Chicago has allowed us to see some fascinating stories. Each design style, color, font, logo and message choice weaves a subtle, important piece into their history.

Hotel Chicago outdoor signage installation - pics and video

Take a look on the top of this page at the picture from our recent Hotel Chicago outdoor signage update. We remember when it was the House of Blues Hotel. We were there to update the signs when it became Hotel Sax. And now, Hotel Chicago.

To see the the pictures and video gallery, please check out our Hotel Chicago story on our Featured Project section.

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