5 common sense benefits of outdoor signage maintenance contracts

The winter of 2013-2014 bullied its way into the record books. For those of us in Chicago & Northwest Indiana, our outdoor business signage has taken a schoolyard beating to the tune of over 80 inches of snow - with more on the way. Such record-setting weather came with cruel winds and, believe it or not, rain (welcome to, “The Region,”). Since Mother Nature hasn’t properly punished Winter for its unruly behavior, we as business owners have to take things into our own hands.

Those with digital, illuminated, and general outdoor business signage maintenance contract are reminded of its benefits each and every time they look look outside and realize that someone else has to brave the elements. For everyone else who’s decide to take the chance that the signage will stand on its own for years of rain, sleet, hail, snow, sun and wind, here’s a few common-sense things to consider when considering a maintenance contract:

1- Small maintenance now vs big issues later

It is tough to consider spending more money on maintaining the signage after having initially paid for the signage. That’s understood. The only thing worse would be having to buy another one before its time. Maintenance contracts helps repair and keep small the small issues that occur over time due to wear and tear. Without scheduled maintenance, little issues eventually turn into big things over time due to the relentlessness of weather.

2 - Less expensive than you think

There’s something about the phrase, “maintenance contract,” that springs dollar signs in the eyes of sign owners. It’s straight out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

The truth is that maintenance contracts are relatively inexpensive and are investments in your branding and appearance.

Each season presents unique challenges

This winter in Chicago, we had 80 inches of snow. The Polar Vortex gave the panhandle of Florida sleet and snow. We’ll be kind enough not to go into detail over the traffic issues Atlanta had.

This coming Spring will present its own unique blend of challenges with the onset of tornado and hurricane season.

And the pattern repeats.

Anymore, we have no idea what the weather will bring next. Maintenance contract keeps up with the unpredictable shifting conditions that predictably arise throughout the year.

3 - Keep Shiny and New

Keeping signage bright, lit, and looking as new as the day it was installed improves the impression you give to potential customers over time.

4 - One less thing to worry about

Overhead, payroll, credit payments, inventory...let’s stop the list there before we forget why we got into business. Your signage shouldn’t wear on you as well. Maintenance contracts free you from such a burdy.

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