Drafting & sketching: the second step with client in outdoor signage process

Drafting & sketching: the second step with client in outdoor signage process

Welcome to the second step in our outdoor signage process. To this point we should have the pieces of the first step either firmly in place or well in motion. As a refresher, those pieces include:

  • Client Survey:
  • Confirming Applicable Building Codes
  • Client Meeting
  • Client Asset and Color Matching


What the second step in the design process involves.

This is the step where we take all the information in the first step and begin drafting out the sketches for your outdoor signage. We begin by drawing to scale the area where the signage will be installed. We include several angles, up close sketches as well as a neighborhood-wide to see how the signage will interact with anticipated lines of sight.

We also include color-coded drafted layers to allow you, the client, to better get a sense of what the finish product will look like.

The drafts will allow us to provide samples as well.

To give clients space for their imagination to grow, we supply three samples of the styles, textures, and colors that can be used to create the outdoor signage. This will give the clients a good perspective regarding how their branding stands out amidst a variety of arches, columns, lighting, cornice caps, and several other materials that we have at our disposal.

With the drawings in hand, the the next step can begin.

Once we have completed and delivered our sketch drawings to you, the client, we can begin to look over revisions and come to a final, definitive vision on the signs.

If you have any questions regarding this step, please let us contact us.