The shelf ice has broken on Lake Michigan. It’s time for Spring Cleaning on your outdoor signage.

The shelf ice has broken on Lake Michigan. It’s time for Spring Cleaning on your outdoor signage.

The office became overjoyed when the Indiana Dunes State Park social media pages posted pictures of the shelf ice finally melting off the Lake Michigan shore. While this might not be important for those who live in Florida, the Southwest or California, for the rest of us, the shelf ice fracturing is the first sign of Spring.

Now that we can start getting outside with more, it’s time to take inspection on the grounds. It’s Spring Cleaning time: the fresh coat of paint, window washing, flower planting, and signage check.

Planning outdoor signage upgrades

When the ground is cold and blowing, people get used to seeing a little dirt on everything. Especially those who live around Chicago and farther north, things outside look odd when there isn’t a layer of salt on it. But when the snow melts and the sunny days begin to outnumber the cloudy days, individuals begin to expect a more distinguished appearance.

Now is the time to start performing an inspection on your outdoor signage as well as plan a maintenance appointment to make sure your signage is ready for the upcoming season.

Outdoor Signage Goals for the ‘Outdoor Season’

Signage brings traffic to your locations. The better the signage, the greater the ability to attract attention. Everyone could use more customers walking through the door.

While considering your cleaning and maintenance goals, consider your business goals. If your signage isn’t in a position to attain those business goals, your company isn’t in a position to grow. If you’re not sure you’re getting the most out of your signage, give us a call.

What are the others doing?

For those who like to do the groundwork themselves, a great way to gauge the quality of your signage is to check out your competitor’s signage: size, shape, colors, readability, juxtaposition to other signs in the area...as well as common sense factors. Can you read it? Would you have been able to read it if you didn’t know who they were? Why did you like it? Would you buy from it?

Make sure to take good notes for your answers.

Is it too late in the season to start Spring Cleaning?

We can install signage in the winter. For example, we finished installing outdoor signage for the Hotel Chicago during the snowiest Chicago on record. This means we can install it in any season. Which means we can install it during your business cycle, too. To answer the question: it’s never too late to start.

For more information on the steps to get your signage to a fresh start, contact Landmark Sign Group today!