The Value of Logos in Business / Outdoor Signage

The Value of Logos in Business / Outdoor Signage

When it comes to signage, real estate is king. When it comes to the message, less is more. Poignant, poetic. As they say in the Oceans 11 (remake):

“Don’t use seven words when four will do.”

This mantra is why logos work so well in signage for branded companies. This is why branded companies rely on them and why those getting started spend so much time trying to get theirs right. Outdoor signage come sans flyers, PDFs or an interface to Google. And in many cases, such additions wouldn’t be logistically practical. Awesome, but impractical

Logos help provide familiarity and repetition to signage. In many cases, the signage completes the sales cycle. A customer’s quick familiarity with either a branded logo or a logo that leaves no down as to the nature of the business, makes it easier for them to take care of their own businesses.

Below are a few steps to help business to make outdoor signage that puts a pep in your customer’s step when they look for your products and/or services.

Colorfully appeal to target audiences

The simple things to remember: older audiences have poor vision and less ability to distinguish between colors. Keeping fonts and color palette simple and easy to interpret makes it easier for the logo to be distinguished on the sign. Younger audiences like trendier styles and vibrant colors. Making sure you remember your audience when you install your logo will make your signage stand out.

Materials of signage

Outdoor signs are made by a variety of materials. Those materials treat colors differently. Make sure you know in advance the types of colors your sign will be constructed with. It will help you determine whether or not to go with a lighter theme or a darker theme.

Inside or outside?

At first thought, the question sounds silly. But if you’re in a mall and are looking to put a sign on the outside of your entrance-way to the interior walkways, then you have to to treat that outdoor sign different from the one that sits on the outside of the building. Sunlight will make the sign look different than will the interior halogen lights in the hallway - even during the day.

Hope you have a clear signal now

If you have any additional questions, please let us know. We’ll get you squared away with a logo and color scheme that will treat your message with proper due attention.