Umami Burger Chicago - aluminum channel letter sign installation

Umami Burger Chicago - aluminum channel letter sign installation

The great jobs are ones that leave you hungry for more. The only thing that can possibly top that are jobs where you can satisfy that hunger, with food. Great food. Like the aluminum channel letter sign installation we did for the Umami Burger franchise on N. Milwaukee in Chicago.

What is Umami Burger?

Umami Burger is a relatively new national gourmet burger chain. According to Wikipedia, the inspiration for UMami Burger came to founder Adam Fleschman while downing one of his favorite In-N-Out Burgers. Selling his share in a wine business, Fleshman began working on the savory dream.

The first Umami Burger opened in Los Angeles in 2009. Since then, the chain has branched out throughout California and Florida before making its way to Chicago. Most Umami Burger restaurants include wait service and a full bar.

What is Umami?

Umami is one of the 5 basic taste categories, referring to flavors that are more savory. “Why don’t they just say, Savory?” Great question. We’re not sure, but we think it tastes great.

The Umami Burger Aluminum Channel Sign Installation

Straight off the project RFP, the job was to install 3” deep aluminum channel letters with exposed neon lights (spelling “UMAMI BURGER”). We mounted the letters to a 3 1/2” ACM shoebox with .063 Back/Mount to the brick wall facade of the building. One could call it a savory precision indeed.

The purpose of the exposed neon lights was to pay tribute to the days of the original burger joints. Those days of Elvis and milkshakes and drive-ups & drive-ins, of jukeboxes and basket fries. Umami Burger’s signage theme harkens back to the days when times were as simple as black & white, just like the black & white checkered floors of most of those burger joints and that black & white televisions they furnished at the end of the chrome-trimmed bar. Back when the ketchup was the reddest of red, the mustard was the yellowest of yellow, the pickles were an incredible green, and they all came together to make a burger that tasted, well, umami.

The results can be seen in the photo.

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