Benefits of restaurant outdoor signage

Benefits of restaurant outdoor signage

Recipes, flavors, dishes, ambiances, scents, smells, and ingredients. These are the things you want to think about when running a restaurant. You want to think about what to serve, not if a promotional element works.

Let’s make it short and sweet: here are a few things to consider about your outdoor restaurant signage. We did most of the work for you so you can spend more of your day-to-day thinking about the fun things.


Have you ever been to those wing joints that are engulfed in TVs. 40”, 55”, and 70” displays showing whatever live game is on anywhere in the world as well as all the fun their customers are having inside. It can be so much visual stimulation that one can forget to place an order until halftime. We admit, they’re awesome and we love them every time we go to such an establishment.

Not every restaurant wants to inundate their customers with a fantastical digital experience. Many locations will want something more refined means to set the mood just right.

Restaurant signage can stick out with contrast without sticking out like a sore thumb.


Here’s an example: a new mega-hit movie comes out in the theatre by your restaurant. In that movie, everyone keeps eating a specific dish. That dish is one of your specialties. You want to remind your target market that you have that dish.

Having restaurant signage that can quickly change the marquee to display news, cuisines, and upcoming events is a quick way to get the word out and increase traffic through the door.


With a custom restaurant sign, your location has the opportunity to really put their character on display. The right signage can display charm, pizazz or opulence. The proper expression coupled with the right message can immediately attract customers.

Refined or ostentatious. Or both...

Whatever your restaurant calls for, our creative team can help put the finishing touches on your outdoor signage, anchoring the dining experience you have always envisioned.

You know, when you’re not thinking about recipes, flavors, dishes, ambiances, scents, smells, and ingredients.