Outdoor Signage Summer Maintenance - 2015 edition

The summer of 2015 has brought extreme weather throughout the country. California is in their worst drought in over a millennia - despite being located next to the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, midwesterners are about to start building arcs to combat the seemingly endless rain. Boise, Idaho has had days warmer than Phoenix, Arizona. And, whoa boy, the weather in Texas has been has been tragic.

Such extreme weather causes change, either because of or in spite of the damage left. Not all damage is as readily recognizable as, say, a tree limb through a sign graphic. Some of the most harmful spots are the hardest to see. With that in mind, remember to check the following locations in the next couple months to make sure one of the most punishing summers on records didn’t leave an irreparable mark on your signage.

Sun can fade paint and dry seals

Even if you feel like the summer has been forgiving in your area, check your seals to make sure they weren’t dried out. The persistence of the sun is one of Mother Nature’s sneakiest tricks.

Also, make sure that your colors remain sharp and vibrant. This includes both during the day - when the sun is shining on it - and at night - when its own lighting is being used.

Rain can wreak havoc because water doesn’t know how to quit

If the sun is mother nature’s sneakiest trick, then rain is her most punishing. If there’s a way, water has the will to find it. And, at times, gravity has no hold on it when it comes to finding places to do the most damage.

Check your seals. Whether your sign is sealed, bonded, glued, or welded together, make sure your sign is still holding together. Water will sneak through even the most innocent-seeming of small gaps in construction. Once it gets in, well, let’s just say you don’t want it to get into your sign.

Heat can also dry out seals and sealants

The sun alone isn’t needed to dry out seals and sealants. Cloudy days and hot summer nights can still zap moisture over time like an easy-bake oven. Don’t leave your signage under such conditions without something to keep it cool

Wind can warp and wear out materials

Nothing puts a little dent in your day like a long, unyielding wind. A stiff, strong breeze can find the weak spot in any construction, picking and probing at it until it picks something out and apart. Then it will continue to work on it.

The moment you see signs of wind damage on your signage, get it repaired immediately. Wind damage is a gateway for the other elements to get in and reap incredible damage.

Protections and Covers are okay

There are protections. Scheduled maintenance to keep seals, sealants, and materials fresh & strong are recommended. If a strong storm is expected, using a custom sign cover to protect your signage is also a possibly. There’s no shame in taking the extra step and keeping your sign protected when Mother Nature is at her worst.

To learn more about maintenance and protection, contact us today