Signage maintenance and upkeep scheduling reminders for 2016

While your signage needs to look its best throughout the year, there are times when it will be forced to endure more of the elements.

Below is a list of a few times of the year when it double-checking your sign’s condition and performance is recommended.

Seasonal Maintenance

For most of the US, the late-Fall-to-mid-Spring is when most of the wind and precipitation hits. That said, the other months of the year are when the sun is the most critical issue.

To help make sure your signage is enduring the elements year round, perform seasonal maintenance on your signage components to confirm they are functioning well and within their expected life cycle.

Yearly Inspections

In addition to seasonal maintenance, yearly inspections should also be conducted on the entire sign. Make sure to cover the electrical, the foundation, and for those who use LED animated signs, make sure the software, the computer, and the connection between the signage and the computer are still intact.

Spring Cleaning

Somewhere between the harsh winds of snowy-trodden Winters and the rains of Spring, there are at least 3 good days of weather where you can check on the signage to make sure it’s clean, sealed, and crack-free. Take advantage of those days.

Holiday Season planning

It’s between Halloween and New Years for some businesses, and tax season for others. Whatever your peak, “Holiday” season is, it’s best to make sure your signage is ready to handle the upcoming workload. Maintenance, cleanings, inspections, and tests should all be included.

If you think there is more to remember, let us know

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