2016 trends predictions for outdoor signage

It looks as though outdoor signage in 2016 is going to become an even more exciting, integrated experience than what we're already seeing.

What makes it even more exciting is that no one can say, "gone are the days when..." because in today's' signage, there's something for everyone regardless of niche, market, and budget.

As we look at the trends and innovations of the past year, we look forward to 2016 and expect the following things to happen:

1) Lowering cost of tech making signage easier

Digital content is going through a revolution. We used to gauge the ability to stream the content in terms of big numbers that mean very little. We got to 720, 1080i and 1080p and they were okay. They were better than what we were used to. But now we're having rich data streaming coming such as 4k, 5k, and 8k. 4k is quickly becoming the standard.

With a digital screen that properly project 4k data, outdoor screens get rich, vibrant colors and sharp, precision shapes that look real-to life. With 4k becoming the standard and suppliers flooding the market, rich 4k screens are becoming more affordable. This is allowing companies to make the switch to digital signage.

While digital is becoming cheaper, traditional signage is also becoming more accessible because the supply of materials is still up due to more companies moving to digital signs.

Everybody is winning.

Increased integration between signage and other devices

The rich streaming data from 4k isn't the only impressive thing. The evolution in tech is allowing us to not only put more vibrant images on screens, but is allowing us to better integrate with software and other software components, fulling taking advantage of the Internet of Things and creating an enhanced, custom customer experience that starts the moment they see the signage.


Increase in recycled signage

It's not like we're just chucking away the other materials and throwing up a 30-ft wide television when we do installs. Traditional materials - woods, metals, plastics - and accents still very much play a part in new outdoor signage, even on digital signage. Accent features, support structures, and reinforcement pieces are still done with traditional features.

In a lot of cases, especially when it comes to upgrading current signage, several of the pieces from the existing signage can be utilized in the new signage. It is a great cost-saving measure and often helps keep the theme and branding of the branding aspect of the business. Not only that, but the costs saved can be recycled back into the purchase of the feature element, such as a 4k digital screen.

And the circle completes.

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photo credit: Pexels.com free stock photo gallery